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Create a Search Advertising Greenville NC Campaign

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Create a Search Advertising Greenville NC Campaign

Alaina Corsini

Looking to get the most out of your search advertising Greenville NC? Red Shark Digital, premier digital marketing agency, is here to provide you with our best practices on how to get started with Google ads. Search ads are a core digital marketing tactic and allow you to connect your business with people making related searches in real time. Working with search advertising Greenville NC can be difficult, but utilizing these strategies will help advance your Google ads to the next level.

Create a Search Advertising Greenville NC Campaign

To start running Google ads Greenville NC, you need a Google Ads account with an active campaign. Start by clicking the ‘plus’ button on the campaign’s page. Pick ‘Search Network’ as your campaign type, meaning your ad will be available on the Google Search Network. Give your search ad campaign a goal: some options include sales, leads, or website traffic. When first starting a campaign, it is recommended to utilize ‘Website Traffic’ by Red Shark Digital, advertising agency Greenville NC.

Next, it is time to name your campaign. You may have multiple campaigns running at one time in the future, so it is important to be as descriptive as possible. You can choose to pick a location where you want your campaign to show, narrowed down to the city or region. Pick your language, as well as your bid strategy. Keep in mind that you pay each time someone clicks on your ad, so if you are looking to increase website traffic, the recommended strategy is ‘Maximize Clicks.’ This strategy is all about getting you the most clicks within your campaign’s average daily budget.

Then enter your average daily budget. To find your daily budget, divide what you normally spend per month divided by 30.4 (the average number of days in a month). You then have the option to add ad extensions, extensions that expand your ad. These can be added at a later time but are important to show your customers additional information in your ads. Then hit save! You’ve created your first campaign for search advertising Greenville NC.

Pick The Right Keywords In Google Ads

The next step is to create ad groups, choose keywords, and then start creating your ads. A campaign is composed of multiple ad groups. An ad group is simply a collection of keywords and the ads that are targeted with those keywords. Keywords are essentially the search query or words that trigger your ads to appear. The key is to pick keywords that match searches relevant to your business. The easiest way to find keywords related to your business is the keyword planner in Google. After you’ve added keywords that people can use to search for the things you offer, ‘Save to account’ and get started writing your Google ads Greenville NC!

Write Great Text Ads

If a search query on Google is the question, think of your ad as being the solution or answer to that problem. If someone’s search matches a keyword in your ad group, the keywords tell your ad to show for that query. When you are writing ads, it is important to have them relate to the keywords they are grouped with. Red Shark Digital, digital marketing agency Greenville NC, recommends that three ads are written per ad group. Keep in mind that different messages work with different people, utilize all strategic communication tools to convey the proper message to your audience and target customers. Focus on writing the best headline possible, since this has the most potential to make a big difference in your performance. Try making it somewhat catchy, and relate specifically to the ad group’s theme and keywords. Compelling ad copy is vital in search advertising Greenville NC, and can dictate a great campaign from an ‘okay’ one.

Track Your Goals

After your campaign is created and you’ve written engaging text ads, you’ll need to track how the campaign is doing. With conversion tracking in Google Ads, you have the ability to find which keywords or ads drove the most sales, phone calls, or leads. Conversion tracking helps track the most valuable clicks within your campaign so that you, as a business, can make the most of your advertising budget. Start with tracking ‘Conversions’ in Google Ads by creating a conversion action. You’ll name your conversion, categorize it, and choose a value. In order to ensure proper conversion tracking, a Global site tag and event snippet must be placed on your business’ website.

Review Your Performance In Google Ads

Once your campaign is created and you have enabled conversion tracking, you can start reaching your marketing goals. The campaign overview feature on Google Ads gives you a basic rundown of your campaign’s performance and can give you quick insight on how it is doing. The fastest way to spot trends and see how you’re doing is with the line chart.

Start by customizing the chart for your most important metrics and to see performance changes in real-time. Good metrics to include are click-through rate or conversion rate, which tells you the average number of conversions per click. Pick date ranges that can provide you with further detail into your campaign, or long enough to spot any trends that may have occurred. As you review your data, be aware of things that can impact performance like holidays, sales, or any changes you made to the account. Reviewing your performance is critical to campaign success and can help optimize your Google ads account accordingly.

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