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Advantages of Mobile Apps for School Communication

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Advantages of Mobile Apps for School Communication

Red Shark Digital

Does your phone ring every Sunday during your family dinner with a recorded call from the principal? Do you regularly get an avalanche of paper stuffed into your child's binder? Is keeping up with school activities and deadlines for turning in permission slips difficult? If the answer to any of those questions is yes, then like many parents you may benefit from a mobile app for school.

Since nearly everybody carries a Smartphone now and can download apps from the App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android, commissioning an app provides one of the best means for schools to stay in touch with parents and students. Whether the app is solely meant to replace call and post communications and provide links to the school system website and forms or it's developed to handle payments and registration, it can prove invaluable for keeping parents informed and students safe.


The safety of students is of paramount concern to parents and school personnel. Keeping some information off the school homepage can protect privacy and prevent those with no business at the school from loitering. Apps can use parental logins to keep information about school events within the school community and disseminated only to those who need to know.

Instant Alerts

Push notifications can be annoying when it's an alert reminding you it's your turn in an online game. On the other hand, they can be supremely useful to let parents know there will be early dismissal due to inclement weather. Last winter many school children were stranded and spent the night at school because districts were unable to reach parents and alert them to come get their kids. A simple app could inform parents and guardians about weather or any other time critical messages.

Customizable Information

Apps can be very sophisticated or barebones. We tailor each and every app to have your specific graphic design, features and content to give you a unique mobile app available on both Apple and Android devices. We can pull in any webpage from your website and incorporate it into the app to have instant access to important links. If your website isn’t mobile compatible we’ll discuss your options for a new responsive website.

Payment System Access

Many schools use e-commerce in one way or another. Apps can be a gateway to payment for school lunches, field trips or supplies. The software eliminates teachers tracking payments and school offices having to issue receipts.

Portal to Third Party Services

Many schools are going paperless. Textbooks are online, assignments are posted in forums like Edmodo and grades are recorded in ProgressBook. Apps can integrate with these services and provide a single entry point to all sites students need to access all on the go at anytime.

These are just a few features and scenarios where a mobile app can be the number one most effective communication tool an individual school or entire school district uses. Having unlimited instant push notifications with a 98% open rate you’ll be sure to reach your school’s community efficiently. Contact us for a complimentary mobile app consultation to see how effective and affordable it really is!

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