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Small Business Owners Should be Using These 3 Apps

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Small Business Owners Should be Using These 3 Apps

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We live in a mobile world and the change has come on quickly. Small businesses that were not able to keep up with the rapid change from the Internet to application domination were quickly left in the dust. Even if your small business has survived so far changes are still ahead and it is not possible to remain competitive in today's market without at least understanding mobile applications. If you have no idea where to start check out these 3 best apps for small business for a crash course in what you need to know.

Payments Apps

There are so many payment apps now that it is difficult to pinpoint one as the best. They all have their benefits and disadvantages and you would have to weigh them against your business model. No matter which one you choose a payment app is a must have for small businesses today, it allows you to move around your store and be more accessible to your customers and cuts the costs of a traditional credit card machine. Check out PayPal or Square for two solid places to start.

Easily Do

Easily do is an awesome app that is billed as a personal assistant. This app brings together all of the information that you may need to access in a day and combines it on one simple to use interface. You can find anything from business contacts, to Facebook posts, and even news stories that are customized to your tastes.

Your Own App

This works on both the business side and the consumer side of things. In today's market having an app is its own advertising. A mobile application for your customers ensures that they are engaging with your brand on a continuous basis. On the business side of things mobile application may be the best thing that has ever happened to your employees. Every day mobile app developers are finding new ways that mobile technology can streamline business transactions and make your company more efficient.

Developing a mobile app for your business may seem like an intimidating task but it doesn't have to. If you have any questions or ideas on apps that you would like developed please contact us so we can help make your ideas into a reality.

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