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Don't Call Us Lazy: Millennials in the Workplace

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Don't Call Us Lazy: Millennials in the Workplace

Red Shark Digital

As a Millennial, I feel like we kinda get a bad rep in the workplace. Often depicted as lazy, unmotivated, tough to manage, and unable to go without our phones for an hour, we’re lumped into this category without employers recognizing our true strengths. With a third of the workforce in the US being Millennials, it’s time we change our image and show employers what we're really made of.

We Know Technology

You can criticize us now for growing up with the Internet, but in a few years when everything is digital, who’s going to be the real winner? Tech-savvy is our middle name, we’ve been operating computer programs since elementary school and our skills have done nothing but grow since then. From helping our grandparents perform a Google search to writing website code, Millennials can provide your company with many technological skill-sets.

We are also number one when it comes to social media. People often underestimate how difficult a successful social media campaign can be. Social media is all about building your brand, that means developing creative content, consistently posting, and managing customer service. Most Millennials were around for the fall of Myspace and the rise of Instagram and Twitter so we’re no stranger to recognizing social media trends. Most importantly, if you’re trying to relate to a younger audience, we’re the best ones for the job.

More Than Just Money

Sure, everyone likes money, but we value more than just a paycheck. When we’re looking for the perfect job we think about the company culture. Do we want to sit in a cubicle all day with no social interaction? Probably not. Being a generation that thrives on social interaction, we look for an upbeat work environment that allows us to express ideas in creative ways. In 2018, tons of companies advertise education reimbursements, fitness reimbursements, flexible working hours, and company outings proving we care about more than that bi-weekly paycheck.

We are also always looking for opportunities to grow. We have big goals, we strive to climb the company ladder, and we always want to gain more knowledge, but not just in the workplace. Expanding our minds through education and charitable advances are important to us. We care about social issues, often participating in debates, as well as taking leadership roles. Having reliable and passionate employees will not only build your business but could save your company from a whole mess of unethical issues.

Teamwork? We Like That.

As mentioned earlier, we’re not big on segregated workspaces. Openwork environments allow for a greater use of teamwork and building company morale. We tend to be creative thinkers and teamwork allow us to bounce ideas off of each other in order to create unique and innovative work.

We also value feedback. While there is a negative connotation to millennials needing acceptance, in the workplace this can actually be a great thing. Constructive criticism and feedback allow us to improve our work and constantly better ourselves. Helping us to provide the best quality work possible.

Millennials have a lot to bring to the table. We’re creative and driven individuals with multiple unique skill-sets, but most importantly we offer many opportunities for growth. We are always looking to the future and are always striving to better ourselves. Together we will take the workforce by storm. Learn more about what Simon Sinek has to say about millennials in the workplace and learn about the culture of RSD!

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