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Introducing: Stephanie, Senior Content Creator

July 25, 2023
August 8, 2023

Introducing: Stephanie, Senior Content Creator

Red Shark Digital

Hey there! I'm Stephanie Fletcher, the new Senior Content Creator at Red Shark Digital NC marketing agency! Originally from Greenville, I decided to pursue studies in production and leadership in Australia. After graduation, my husband and I headed back to the States, embracing the chilly vibes of Michigan while doing creative work for a non-profit.

Eventually, we found ourselves in North Carolina, where we've been loving every moment of the past five fantastic years! We also have two adorable kids, adding a whole lot of joy to our lives! At Red Shark Digital, as the Senior Content Creator, my goal is to bring brands to life with captivating content.

I work diligently to plan and execute video and photo shoots, design visually appealing graphics and branding Greenville NC, and ensure our clients' essence shines through. With a focus on quality and staying ahead of trends, I aim to create both timeless and cutting-edge content that leaves a lasting impact. Collaboration with the creative team and clients helps us effectively tell their unique stories and empower them in their industries.

Fun Facts About Stephanie

  • While living in Australia, I had an unforgettable experience scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef. I pretty much saw everyone from Finding Nemo, it was truly epic!
  • During a music tour in India, we made a stop at a local market where I decided to try my first cricket! Surprisingly crunchy, it was an experience I'll never forget.
  • When it comes to guilty pleasures, I can't resist cheesy popcorn. But not just any cheesy popcorn – it's a homemade masterpiece that takes a good 20 minutes to create. Trust me, it's totally worth the effort.

Stephanie’s Absolutely-Nots:

  • Unsweetened Tea: Why bother? Just drink water...
  • There's nothing more disappointing than when my Salted Cold Foam melts too quickly in my coffee -IYKYK. Might as well throw it away, it sounds dramatic because it is. First world probs.

Give Our Senior Content Creator A Warm Welcome

With all of that said, I'm absolutely thrilled to be a part of the Red Shark Digital team! From learning all about graphic design, branding Greenville NC, and many more creative tasks, to dipping my toes into the world of SEO and Webflow development, this digital marketing rollercoaster is sure to be an entertaining one.

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