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Introducing Devin: Account Coordinator

January 10, 2024
January 10, 2024

Introducing Devin: Account Coordinator

Red Shark Digital

My name is Devin Trulin, your new Account Coordinator on the Red Shark Digital Team. I am originally from Sacramento, California, which gives me the right to be an avid San Francisco 49ers fan. But wait, before you call me a California boy, my family moved to Elizabeth City, North Carolina in my childhood, so I’m more North Carolinian than I am Californian. I’m glad to call myself a Pirate, graduating from East Carolina University in 2017. I’ve lived in Greenville ever since. I met my wife at our local church In Greenville, and we married in 2019.

After spending several years in the pastoral ministry and church world, it’s time for a break and something new, hence my start at Red Shark Digital. I’m excited to bring my love for people and relationship-building skills to work with me here. I’ve always been keen on digital skills, with a pragmatic, strategic mind, which I intend to put to work here.


  • Being a dad — I’m still a fairly new parent. Being a father and family man is everything to me.
  • Ice Hockey — I play in a weekly Beer League at our local ice rink. You should try it sometime, it’s a great time!

Simple Joys:

  • Punk Rock — I’m still stuck in the early 2000s. Here’s my Punk Rock playlist.
  • A good steak — Cooked medium.
  • The board games that most people hate — Monopoly, Risk, and any strategic, high-skill game that takes more than 1-2 hours… but don’t ask me to play D&D, I’m automatically going to say no.

Pet Peeves:

  • No manners — Put your phone away at the table, say please and thank you, use your turn signal, and other basic things… just be considerate of others… it’s not hard
  • Chewing noises.
  • Burping at the Table.
  • Farting in General.

A New Journey and the First Steps

There’s the old, worn-out quote by Maya Angelou, “every great journey starts with a single step.” Here’s to a new journey for me at Red Shark Digital, the leading NC Marketing Agency, and here’s to those first steps.

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