Introducing: Carter, Graphic Design Intern

October 24, 2022
May 1, 2023

Introducing: Carter, Graphic Design Intern

Hello, my name is Carter Jewell, and I am the new graphic design intern here at Red Shark Digital, the leading branding Greenville NC agency. I have a bachelors of fine arts from East Carolina University and a concentration in Graphic Design. I originally wanted to be a 3D animator but found a much greater passion for Graphic Design while at ECU and decided to focus on internet marketing in Greenville NC.

Hobbies & Interests:

  • Music: Music has been a key factor in my creative life and helps motivate me to create designs and work in general. I always listen to something and enjoy various genres such as Hip Hop, Rap, Jungle, Drum & Bass, alternative rock and electronic. Some of my favorite artists I enjoy are MF DOOM, The Pharcyde, Totally Extinct Dinosaurs, Cut // Copy, Jamiroquai, and Nujabes.
  • Letter Press: Letterpress is a hidden love of mine after I got to experience it firsthand at ECU, and it has been a constant passion for me. One goal of mine is to eventually own a Chandler & Price letterpress machine and operate a printing service for birthday and invitational cards out of my home as a side business and Hobby, with a wide selection of antique typefaces at my disposal. I love the hands-on feel of letterpress, the feeling of being able to hold a physical piece of work, and the texture letter pressing gives Card stock cotton-based paper.
  • Gaming: Video Games have been part of my life since I was young and is something I still play constantly to this day after work or when I have free time. I have made many memories and long-time friends through playing video games and have been part of large social communities thanks to video games and gaming in general.


  • Sloths are one of my favorite animals. They are calm and relaxed and live such a simple life it makes them so funny for no reason. I love sloths so much that I have a giant decal sticker on the passenger side backseat window of a sloth who likes to wave at everyone in Greenville while I drive.
  • One of my favorite foods is sushi and sashimi. I love to sit down with friends and family and just eat a ton of sushi while talking and laughing; it is one of my favorite foods simply because it becomes a feast of food for everyone to enjoy.
  • Favorite artists: Saul Bass is one of my favorite Graphic Designers of all time and is a household name in the design world. His iconic movie posters and use of movements in his designs are something to behold.

Internet Marketing in Greenville NC With Red Shark Digital

I am honored to learn and grow among the leading branding Greenville NC professionals at Red Shark Digital. With Red Shark Digital, I am confidently strengthening my creative foundation for businesses seeking internet marketing in Greenville NC. For more information about Red Shark Digital’s unparalleled internet marketing in Greenville NC, visit our website or contact us today.

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