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How Does SEO Automation Work?

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

How Does SEO Automation Work?

Matt Mitchell

As a full service digital agency may struggle with a lack of talented employees and increasingly large sets of data, the automation of SEO has become more prevalent. Automated SEO decreases the amount of time it takes between understanding data insights and acting on those insights. This time gap between insights and action is one of the biggest slopes to overcome in SEO. Oftentimes, if creative services Greenville NC are too slow in understanding insights and taking action, excessive time will have passed causing the actions taken to be ineffective. We will break down automating SEO into 3 sections that include data collection, automated insights, and scaling execution.

Data Collection

  • Automate data collection and include items such as:
  • Rank Tracking
  • Backlinks
  • Site Crawl Data
  • Instead of manually downloading data sets, try platforms such as seoClarity
  • Keep in mind items such as security, stability, and reliability

Automated Insights

  • Website specific, actionable insights generated
  • AI program will detect any big spikes or changes within the data and alert the user
  • SEO team can then look at these alerts and plan actionable insights based off the changes in data
  • Automation accuracy and detail can vary between softwares

Scaling Execution

  • The final stage of automation involves execution, implementation, and action testing of the insights gained from the previous section
  • Reduces need for developers and other positions in an SEO full service digital agency, allowing them to focus on other projects


As the need for SEO continues to grow, it's becoming increasingly more difficult to have a team or full service digital agency to manually upkeep with large data sets. This leads to the question, why is everyone not using automated SEO? The answer is 2 fold. First, SEO automation is complex and difficult to understand with the amount of software proficiency required. The second is the high cost associated with automation programs such as Schema APP. The use of SEO automation will gradually increase over time as the accessibility becomes easier while the cost associated with automation drops to a level businesses find acceptable for implementation.

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