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Can Customers Find Your Business?

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Can Customers Find Your Business?

Matt Mitchell

If your business has an excellent presence online across multiple channels, but you are struggling to bring customers into your store, it may be because they do not know how to get there. Having you business on maps is absolutely essential, since advertising online is so competitive. If you are not at the top of the list and difficult to find people will not hesitate to go elsewhere, as this all may be common knowledge, what's not so obvious is how to do this for your business correctly. There are multiple solutions to getting your search rate up, and having your listing pop up on the maps page when searching. Google My Business is your first step to allowing customers access your location, creating an account will generate a Google Maps feature with your basic business information. This will also be displayed through Google Places, giving your company more press in online searches. Google is the most widely used search engine, making it necessary for you to display your business’s services, location, hours, and reviews.

Map Ads

A part of having a Google My Business account will allow you to customize advertisements. Google My Business’s, Google Places accounts improve search page ranking as they advocate for local businesses when customers search with a location it will drive your traffic. For example, when searching pizza place, Greenville, NC, if your business has an account linked with Greenville, it will be found before those pizza places which do not have an account linked with Google My Business.

Types of Location Ads

Advertisements online can be categorized in endless ways, but there are specific ways you can target a location through digital ads. One being map ads on google. Through Google My Business, you can customize the way you want customers to reach you when clicking your advertisement. There is options to link to a website, social media page, a phone number, or Google Maps. Choosing to bring the customer directly to the Google Maps page is a great way to drive store traffic through mobile. When putting these ads on links that operate through a mobile site, you'll be able to get people directly to your business, so when they click on the first pizza place they searched, instead of bringing them to a website or delicious looking Instagram page, they'll already be one step closer to finding your pizzeria.


If you aren't ready to implement a local SEO strategy, one other option is geofencing. Alongside direct map ads, geofencing to target specific locations is a great advantage to digital marketing. If you know most people come directly to the pizza shop after a basketball game, why not place ads in the arena for those visiting to know exactly where to get a great bite to eat after. Be able to track where customers are coming from through geofencing tactics and advertisements. Find out exactly what will work to drive traffic to your business through digital marketing. Contact Red Shark Digital for help with customized marketing campaigns and making sure your business is listed on maps correctly and most efficiently.

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