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Boost your SEO Greenville Presence with External Links

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Boost your SEO Greenville Presence with External Links

Erin Porter

When writing a blog for your company or product, it's important to note that the blog must contain a few key elements to gain traction. Yes, keywords are a monolithic part of gaining reach, and yes, adding secondary keywords also expands your audience. Word length, blog content, writing style, and your target audience are a few more important tactics that are supplemental to blog performance. However, there is one way that can bring a whole other audience from a different site to yours. Well, today is your lucky day, because we're going to go into exactly what that strategy is! Follow along to learn all of the best secrets from SEO Greenville experts at Red Shark Digital, a full-service digital advertising agency.

External Links - What are They?

There are two types of links: external and internal. They are exactly what they sound like! An internal link is a link that is pulled from within your website domain. So, if you were to write a blog on a topic, your relevant keywords would link to somewhere else within your site that has relevant information about that topic. An external link is a link that is from another website outside of your own.

Why Do We Use Them?

External links are important to driving interactions to your website. These external links expand your reach and build relationships within your community. For instance, If you were a family restaurant linking to a trusted tourist attraction, their marketing team may notice the traffic and contribute to your own site traffic as well. This mutually beneficial local SEO tactic is perfect for website traffic and impressions.

Why Do They Work?

External links are a great way to show readers that you care. When writing about a blog topic, it's understandable that at first instinct, you want to link every keyword to your website. While that is a strategy that drives traffic to your site, it may come off as a bit advertisement-heavy. These external links serve two purposes: If the reader reached your site organically, the external link can provide the reader with useful information that can help them learn more about your product, industry, or relevant trending news/world events.An external link also has the capability of returning the traffic to your site, as well. You've now opened a completely new audience to your business and services! This strategy helps to improve your site's authority, as well. The SEO authority gets passed from the external site that you linked to, directly to your website. The best part is, linking your blogs to external sites does not hurt your page rank. At Red Shark Digital, we use external links for SEO Greenville purposes that are:

  • Educational
  • Reputable
  • Relevant
  • Well-established sources

Ready to Take Your Digital Strategy to the Next Level?

At Red Shark Digital, our goal is to provide your website with positive SEO strategies that drives traffic to your website. Our leaders in SEO Greenville are constantly conducting the latest research on new SEO and marketing strategies that can take your business's website above and beyond your competitor's! Visit our website to learn more about how our team of strong and determined digital strategists can elevate your website's search result status.

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