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5 Tips For Performing SEO in the Fashion Industry

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

5 Tips For Performing SEO in the Fashion Industry

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Reaching the top position on a search engine can really help with your store’s website visits which can lead to sales. Optimizing a fashion website can be different than any other website. Fashion SEO has special traits that are related to SEO.

Keep Trends in Mind

In the fashion industry trends are constantly changing, so your business strategy must reflect that. Long-tail keywords are not going to get your business the best results. For example, “women’s dress” will not rank your website on the top pages of Google, but “women’s black strapless dress” will give you a better chance. Google trends can show you trend’s success in graph form. In the business of fashion, you must constantly be checking what is trending, and use that knowledge to predict which keywords will benefit your website.

Optimize Images

The fashion industry relies on images for their business. Pick the best images to showcase your clothing. The problem with images on a website is that the more images there are, the longer it takes to load. Consumers today are all about getting what they want as fast as possible, so having a slow website can lose customers. To make sure your website is performing at its best, optimize the images on your site. Cut down on space by picking the optimal dimensions. The format of the images can also affect the size. JPEG is better for larger images, but you can use PNG for the smaller ones. You can also play with the image’s quality. You can reduce a few kilobytes without compromising quality.

Text Makes a Difference

Online shopping may be convenient for the shopper, but they are losing the convenience of being able to feel and try on the clothing. Images on the website attract customers, but a powerful text description can drive a purchase. Emphasize the best parts of a product, and repeat it multiple times. Using sensory and power words connect the customer with their psychological need for the product. Use the product description to focus on the customer and tell them a story.

Track User Activity

It is beneficial to see how many people visit your website, but it is more beneficial to see what those users are doing. Call-to-actions such as “add to cart” “buy now” and “learn more” make a user’s experience easier. A business can use UTM trackers which can keep count of the number of clicks received by your calls-to-action. Pairing this information with the number of page views can help you understand what is keeping viewers on your page, and what makes them click off.

Heat map generators are another way to track user activity. This tool allows you to see exactly where users are clicking, by taking a screenshot with dots and smudges which represent mouse clicks and the amount of them.

Get Connected to Other Sites

Backlinks from other sites can be used to increase your business’s exposure. Once your website is full of visually appealing content, people will want to link to it. Get connected in the fashion industry, and reach out to designers, influencers, anyone who can mention your name to improve your site visits. A blogger can mention your site by name or mention the same long-tailed keywords as you, which can generate site visits. Host events, visit fashion shows and get your name and products out there. Fashion bloggers write about the events they attend, and a mention of your site will increase traffic.

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