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3 Local SEO Hacks to Boost Your SEO Performance

May 26, 2022
May 1, 2023

3 Local SEO Hacks to Boost Your SEO Performance

Red Shark Digital

A well-established search engine presence is paramount to success in a highly digitized age such as today. Your company’s website appearing at the top of Google’s search page drives traffic, clicks, and sales, while poorly performing sites that appear pages into the results struggle. Finding a local SEO hack or two from the leaders in digital marketing near me can give your business a serious boost.

1. Research Your Keywords

While it may seem obvious, the most important step you can take toward improved SEO performance is to specifically target keywords. Sites such as AHRefs and Moz can give you insight into keywords or phrases that are searched often with less competition. While this local SEO hack is more of a good habit than an automatic fix, leaning into research and consistently putting forth effort into your SEO will show dramatic results.

2. Using Maps

While targeting the online demographic, many patrons will still want to visit the brick-and-mortar location. They simply are using search engines to gather an idea of which stores are worth their time to go and visit. This local SEO hack has your business getting on the grid by using Google Maps and the rest of the Google Business Profile to become more easily found and identified. Google Maps allows you to tag your store or business with relevant information, such as pet-friendly or having free WiFi. These tags appear as people search around on Google Maps for local businesses. Capturing their interest in the map leads to more website visitations through the website link on the map profile. Red Shark Digital, the leader in digital marketing near me, uses the tools that Google provides your business as a foolproof way to please the Google algorithm!

3. Target Locations

It’s not uncommon for people to search for goods and services and follow that statement up with a location descriptor. Whether they use ‘near me’ at the end or search for a whole phrase such as ‘digital marketing Greenville NC,’ these location-based phrases are frequently used, as people want to know places that are near them and relevant but are rarely targeted, as people may find it tricky to work the location into their website content. By targeting these location keywords, your business is far more likely to appear for nearby searches, thus improving your conversion rate. Instead of getting people on your website that are too far away to actually frequent your store, you are appearing for local residents or visitors that are in the area.

Local SEO Hack | Red Shark Digital

Having a fundamentally sound SEO team can take your business to the next level. While trying out a local SEO hack every now and then can certainly help, finding a committed, hard-working digital marketing team will create incredible opportunities and results. Red Shark Digital marketing near me works tirelessly to ensure that your business sees results. Visit our website today and learn more about how our SEO strategists and digital marketing team can help you!

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