Start with These 3 Factors for Small Business SEO

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Start with These 3 Factors for Small Business SEO

Kate Francis

Are there any general rules for SEO. Of course there are. When you’re writing for the Internet, you can’t afford to be too wordy. You need to grab the consumer’s eye right away, which can be done by using a moderate number of keywords and writing in lists, bullet points etc. You need to provide important information that consumers in general are looking out for. You also need to write simply and accessibly. However, you also need to realize that small business SEO is going to be different for different businesses. These are some of the factors that it depends on:

  1. It depends on the image you want to create Different small businesses want to create a different image for themselves. If you run a store selling trendy shoes for teenagers, you’ll want to come across as fashionable and being in-the-know. After all, what was so special about Doc Martens that made them into a hipster phenomenon. They’re actually very simple shoes available in different lengths. Their quality is good, of course, and a pair of Doc Martens is likely to last you many years. However, the image of Doc Martens is what made all the difference to its branding efforts. It was their simplicity, comfort and versatility that made them so popular. They came across as the kind of shoes that offered you the freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want. Your SEO should emphasize the qualities you want to emphasize about your company and product.
  2. It depends on your demographic Small business SEO is going to be different depending on the type of consumer you want to appeal to. As the previous example shows, if your demographic is younger and more fashionable, you’ll want to emphasize these things via your SEO. But if you’re selling for example, real estate, you’re probably going to want to appeal to an older, more stable demographic. These people are looking for sound investments where their money will grow slowly and steadily. So style is less important and stability more so. This can come through via your SEO.
  3. It depends on your aim in the digital realm Different small businesses go online for different reasons. Some just want to increase their sales. For them, a more promotional form of SEO when combined with e-commerce capability is likely to do the trick. Others want to enhance their company image which they can do via the look and feel of their website and social media pages. Yet others want to become known as thought leaders in their field. For them, it’s important to make their SEO informational. So it’s important to consider your aim in the digital realm before producing written content for your website.

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