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Web Design Trends in The World of Fashion

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Web Design Trends in The World of Fashion

Abby Costello

In the world of fashion, every designer is looking to provide the world with the next best thing. Fashion is all about being unique, and the same concept applies when it comes to the website design.

Creative Visuals

When browsing the web for fashion magazines and designers, there is always a common trend. All of these websites rely on visuals. The web design for these types of websites is more about pictures and videos, and less about wording. The first thing a viewer will see when visiting a designer’s website will be pictures. Many websites have pages of slideshows of clothing, collages, and videos of runway coverage. The reason for this is that the designer wants the clothing to speak for itself. Fashion is all about the bright colors and patterns, and those want to be shown on their websites. The website design gets as much detail as the clothing does. The backgrounds of fashion websites are usually in black and white. This is designed that way so the website is not in competition with the pictures of clothing. Any wording that is used is written in a clean and simple font, to focus all attention on the clothing.  

Adaptive Design

Fashion changes from season to season, and so do the websites. The main goal of a fashion website is to get the viewer to see as much of the new collection as possible. When a new collection is debuted, the old one is pushed to the backburner. The websites are transformed to center around the latest material.

Interactive Features

Another thing web designers have been implementing is an interactive feature. They do this to keep people on the website longer. The main focus is always on the clothing, but there are other tabs to click on to give the viewer a look into the background of the clothing. The designer may give insight to the mood board they created to inspire their new line, fabrics, and patterns they used to make the clothing stand out, and the inspiration they got to create the line. On the website, they may post video content to give viewers a behind the scene look. Video of the runway shows, runway prep behind the curtain, and behind the scenes at the press shoots. All of this digital content is used to give the viewers an inside look to give them a more connected feel, and spend more time on the website.

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