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How to Optimize Product Page to Drive More Sales

January 17, 2023
July 6, 2023

How to Optimize Product Page to Drive More Sales

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So, your eCommerce website is all set and running, and the product pages are well-designed, but now you are stressed because sales are stagnant or not meeting your expectations.

There’s a possibility your product pages are not optimized to maximize sales.

Per Big Commerce, the average eCommerce conversion rates stand at around 2.5-3%. Strive for a higher conversion rate as an eCommerce owner or marketer.

Fret not; in this article, local SEO Raleigh NC professionals at Red Shark Digital share 12 tips to optimize your product page to drive more sales.

But first, what are product pages?

Put simply, product pages are the landing pages of your online store.

It comprises all necessary details about the product, like description, features, images, videos, price, and any additional content that helps customers make an informed decision.

Imagine you run a clothing brand.

Product pages are essential for your clothing brand because they provide vital information your customers need to make an informed purchasing decision.

They give detailed information such as the type of materials, colors, size charts, prices, deals of the day, and even return policies. They can also feature product images, customer reviews, and product descriptions to provide more context and help the customer decide better.

Additionally, product pages allow customers to compare different products and view collections.

Professional Ecommerce websites Raleigh NC developers use all elements listed above to drive sales and build customer loyalty. Ultimately, product pages help customers to find what they need quickly and make it easier to decide to purchase.

Pro Ecommerce website tip: Take inspiration from product page examples!

Product Page Optimization Examples | Red Shark Digital

As someone responsible for taking care of product pages for an Ecommerce brand, it is crucial to glance at product page design examples.

  • Examples help provide a better understanding of UI and UX principles to follow while designing a product page.
  • It will give you creative and innovative ideas when designing your own product page.
  • It can also help you stay up to date with the latest trends and design principles.

Understanding how other brands design their product pages is half the battle won!

4 Things to Prioritize On Your Product Page to Drive More Sales

1. High-quality imagery.

If you think about it, an image is the first thing a customer sees on a product page. And first impressions matter!

Ecommerce websites Raleigh NC specialists use high-quality product page images to improve the customer's experience, help them understand the product better, and give product pages a professional, polished look. Images capture attention and add trust and authenticity to the product.

With clear and accurate product images, customers can quickly assess what they are buying. Additionally, images should be visually appealing to draw in customers.

  1. Use high-resolution images so customers can get an accurate, detailed view of the product. Low-resolution images can appear pixelated, fuzzy, and lack quality.
  2. Use relevant images of the associated product on the product page. Images that are unrelated or have nothing to do with the product can be confusing and off-putting.
  3. Make sure the image is well-lit and in focus. For example, white background with light falling on the perfect angles captures the essence of the product.
  4. Include pictures from different angles so customers can recognize all sides of the product.
  5. Make sure to add lifestyle images, which give customers an idea of how to use the product. For example, feature a human using the product. It adds to its authenticity.
  6. Most importantly, optimize the images for quick loading speeds. No matter how good your images are, if they can’t load, you may lose your customer. As a safe number, size the images between 1-2 MB. However, be sure that it all fits in aesthetically and is clutter-free.

2. Features v.s. Benefits.

Some people will respond better to features, while others may respond better to benefits;

however, it is generally a good idea to ensure that your product page discusses features and benefits to appeal to a wider range of potential customers.

In the case of features:

  • Include a list of the key features that your product offers.
  • Describe how each feature works and how it benefits the user.
  • Focus on how the features are different from similar products.

In the case of benefits:

  • Explain how using your product will help the customer reach their goals.
  • Subtly highlight how the product has more advantages over competitors.
  • Focus on how the product will make their lives easier/better/happier.
  • Show how the product can make their job easier or help them save time and money.

3. Social proof, reviews, and testimonials

Social proof is the bedrock to drive more sales. It is a crucial part of buyer psychology.

Here’s how Ecommerce websites Raleigh NC professionals go about it:

  1. Placement is crucial. Ensure that the reviews and testimonials are visible. By adding reviews near the end of a page, you run the risk of distracted shoppers never reaching the asset.
  2. Induce a sense of credibility with customer photos. Doing so can further reinforce the opinions of the people who have not purchased the product yet.
  3. Introduce a star rating system. Ratings can help potential customers to get a quick visual cue about others' overall satisfaction with a product. These indicators help them quickly decide whether a product is worth consideration.
  4. Update the reviews and testimonials on a timely basis to keep the content current and relevant.
  5. Put the features that people are particularly delighted with at the top; this can be a great way to show potential customers the value of a product.

4. Focus on layout

The layout of a product page typically is the hierarchy of the elements placed and the order in which they are placed. Page layouts typically include, but are not limited to; product images, descriptions, specifications, costs, reviews, and the Add to Cart button.

Tips to improve layout:

  1. Use a clean, unobtrusive, clutter-free layout that puts the product at the forefront. Use white space as and when needed.
  2. Use an intuitive navigation system to enhance ease of navigation for users that directs them to more product pages. For example, consider the rule of thumb.
  3. Generate CTAs that are visible and clear. Design CTA buttons against a contrasting background. There should be 2 CTAs at minimum.
  4. Per outbox, “79% of smartphone users have made a purchase online using their mobile device in the last six months.” So, be sure to optimize product pages for small screens.

Ecommerce Frequently Asked Questions

What is product page optimization?

Product page optimization involves a slew of strategies to optimize product pages on an eCommerce website to drive sales. These strategies include, but are not limited to: optimizing page layouts, adding product descriptions, images, videos, and pricing, and of course - including customer reviews and testimonials.

Design principles play an integral role too. For example, creating an attractive display and elements that entice customers to buy, clearly highlighting key features, creating intuitive navigation and search functionality, as well as including comparison features.

In addition, optimize product pages for mobile and desktop platforms to ensure a satisfactory user experience.

How can I increase product page views?

Our Ecommerce websites Raleigh NC experts use a combination of digital marketing campaign tactics to drive users to product pages. Here are some tips for increasing page traffic to get you started:

  1. Dabble in social media marketing, running Google Ads, and utilizing other digital channels.
  2. Understand design principles to enhance the product page design. For instance, engaging visuals, compelling descriptions, and navigational layouts help make the product pages more captivating to users.
  3. Target the right audiences and tailor messaging to them. Research your customer profile to tap into their pain points.
  4. Ensure your product pages are optimized for the right keywords to drive more organic product page views and rank on the first page.
  5. Track customer interactions on your product pages to identify areas for improvement and focus your efforts on areas with the highest customer engagement.

How to optimize Shopify store speed?

Optimize the speed of your Shopify store with these three steps:

  1. Facilitate compression for images, CSS, and JavaScript files to reduce the size of the files and, in turn, reduce the loading time of the page.
  2. Reduce external HTTP requests to reduce loading time. For example, reducing external scripts and plugins like Facebook, AdSense, and particle.js in store pages can lead to a drop in the number of HTTP requests.
  3. Use CDN, or Content Delivery Network, to help spread the load of accessing files across multiple servers. This function can increase the loading time to multifold.

Trust Ecommerce Websites Raleigh NC Experts With Product Page Optimization

That’s a wrap on product page optimization for Ecommerce websites. Given time and research, your product pages will rank in no time! Feeling overwhelmed? What if we told you that owning and running an online business doesn’t have to feel stressful? Trust Red Shark Digital’s team of Ecommerce website professionals to design, develop, and optimize your site using the latest search engine optimization research. Visit our website to learn more about our local SEO Raleigh NC tactics that transform your conversion rates.

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