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Designing Your E-Commerce Website to be Gender Neutral

November 30, 2021
May 1, 2023

Designing Your E-Commerce Website to be Gender Neutral

Red Shark Digital

Understanding and designing for your target audience is important for your web development Greenville NC, especially when it comes to an E-Commerce website. Designing gender-neutral websites can help target your audience more effectively, without turning away potential new customers. Make sure you do plenty of research to decide who your target audience is to know whether a gender-neutral design would benefit your website. If you decide to keep it neutral, follow along for some tips on how to do so successfully.


Your colors play a huge impact on the gender neutrality of your website design. It's easy to fall into stereotypical color choices when targeting a specific audience for your product. Avoid dated color choices such as using pink for girls and blue for boys. Of course, these colors can still be used successfully in web development Greenville NC, but don't just assume the best way to target a feminine audience is to make your primary color on your site a shade of pink. Instead, opt for colors that enhance your products or brand identity.


Avoid gender-stereotyped weights of type used throughout your site. Light and decorative type is often used to indicate a feminine target audience. A stereotyped masculine audience is targeted through bold weighted type and little variations in thickness throughout the letter, such as a bold slab serif typeface. Similar to our color choices, both of these choices can still be used successfully. However, the type needs to match the brand identity and work with the rest of the design elements on the website.

Representative Imagery

Imagery can go a long way in promoting products or services to your ideal audience. When going for a gender-neutral E-Commerce websites Greenville NC this is the most obvious way to keep the design neutral. Make sure your imagery doesn't only feature one gender, or present genders in a stereotyped example. If you're using stock images you might have a hard time finding representative imagery that specifically relates to your product or service, but no worries if you don't have room in your budget for a custom photoshoot. There are plenty of low-cost, or even free stock image sites out there that you can sort through to find your perfect imagery for your web development Greenville NC.

Targeted Copy

Avoid using unnecessary gendered language in any of the copy on your website. Copy on E-Commerce websites are meant to engage the customer and feel as if the product or service was made for them. Using gendered language unnecessarily can alienate customers from continuing on the website.

Keep it Neutral with Red Shark Digital | Web Development Greenville NC

If you decide that your E-Commerce websites Greenville NC could benefit from a gender-neutral design, follow these tips to get you started on some basic ways to start making your website neutral. For more web development Greenville NC tips check out the rest of our web development blogs!

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