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Award Winning Web Design in Greenville, NC

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Award Winning Web Design in Greenville, NC

Looking around Greenville, NC, Eastern NC, as a whole, there are some talented folks out there. Not just in our industry either. Look at the pro athletes in every sport that have come from Greenville roots. Of course, we are more focused on our own industry, as the title suggests, ourselves more specifically. But, to brag out the gate is a bit uncultured so we are holding off to the second paragraph!


More specifically we won a Platinum Hermes Creative Award for an outstanding small business website for our very own website. Of course, this project took us much longer than our typical client project as we are much more focused on completing client work than our own. In fact, we are very bad at showing off. The reality is, we create some kickass work, and most of our current clients and leads have no clue the level of web design we are capable of delivering to Greenville, NC.

So, while it is awesome we won an award for our own website. We also have won honorable mention for a local non-profit project, Sycamore Hill Gateway Plaza we completed here in our own hometown of Greenville, NC, and a Silver Davey for Best Construction Website for a neighbor to the South, Red Town Management.

Pardon the redundancy but allow me the next couple minutes to stroll down memory lane through some beautiful examples of Web Design we have provided for our Greenville, NC clients.

Non-Profit Web Design: Sycamore Hill Gateway Plaza

We were approached by the city to help them create a marketing website that would share information about the upcoming environmental installation on the Greenville Town Common that would also allow visitors to donate to the cause.

Using modern Web Design trends and creative animations we designed and built a site that Put the user in the space. We brought the carved concrete to the background of the image. The moving stained glass panes to the left and right sides of the screens. As you pass through the content sections of the site, you gain the feeling of walking through the monument when you arrive.

Additionally, we created a lens flare with CSS to symbolize how the sun will pass through the panes.

All in all, our designers did an excellent job capturing the experience of the monument on this site.

Sycamore Hill Web Design | Award Winning Web Design Greenville NC

Construction Company Web Design: Red Town Management

Red Town Management approached us when looking for a web design company to create their very first website! Utilizing our discovery product we were able to pull incredible detail and information regarding their past experiences as individuals and their goals for the future of the company and projects they are hoping to win!

With discovery complete, we took their desired users, business goals, and who they are, merged them together and got to work!

Our goal with the site was to pay homage to the owners past as an architect while tying in their desire for the restoration rehab style projects they were seeking.

We did this with large images, construction lines, architectural drawings and labels seen on most floorplans.

Red Town Management is a beautiful website that highlights the client’s rich history while keeping things clean and classy.

Red Town Management | Award Winning Website Design Greenville NC

Web Design Greenville, NC

Ok, enough about us. It’s becoming uncomfortable. We are willing and able to help you solve all of your web problems.

Get in touch with us today to find out how!

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