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What I'm Listening To: Chris Rupp

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

What I'm Listening To: Chris Rupp

Chris Rupp

Welp, that’s an eclectic list.  Migos and Zac Brown Band on the same playlist?  Just, read on.

Music has always been a big part of me, I think it’s a big part of most people whether they know it or not.  Music can get us hyped for the big event, get you through a rough time, focus on the task at hand or just relax and mellow out.  Whatever the occasion, music is always there with us, but why do we love it so much? Turns out, no one has really been able to find out what it does to us anatomically other than seeing blood flow in the brain rise and fall in the same areas associated with reward, emotion and arousal.  In other words; as the stimulation for food and sex are key elements for an organism’s survival, studies have found that similar neural activity is observed when listening to a good tune!

I can still remember the first time I heard ‘Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody’ riding in the back of my Dad’s new 1995 GMC Jimmy.  Even then, I was only 7 and that song left a lasting impact to the uniqueness of music and the possibilities were endless.  That song was 20 years old, back then! The times have changed, the music has changed, but that uniqueness that can move you to particular place or feeling will always exist simply by listening to a particular song.

In absolutely, no particular order I have collected some of my top 20 favorite songs.  Some recent and some old, everything from country to electronic to instrumental. When I’ve felt I’m truly on vacation and disconnected from the world - ‘Island Song’.  When I’m getting ready for the day or on the way to the office or a meeting and just need that little extra - ‘Legendary’, ‘U-RITE’, or ‘Lights out’.  Stressful day or just a typical Monday?  Try ‘King’s Dead’, ‘Green Lights’, or ‘Broken People’.  Feeling nostalgic?  ‘Across The Room’, ‘Say Something’, or ‘Something ‘Bout You’.  

Looking for that instrumental high?  Tough to beat ‘Moon Hooch - Number 9’, a great one to test out how crisp your car speakers are.  Lastly, when everything is going right and you feel on top of the world, try some ‘Walk On Water’, ‘Stir Fry’, and ‘So Good’.

You might ask, how the hell do you get ready for the day or meeting by listening to that?  Or how does that song instill the nostalgia? The real question is - does it matter? That’s the beauty of music, it doesn’t matter why a song does something to or for you, it’s the fact that it can move you in a certain way or feeling or being.  As the great Shakespeare once said, “When words fail, music speaks”.  

Click here to see my full top 20 list.  Enjoy!

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