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Throwing Clay in the Digital Days: Introducing Kelsey

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Throwing Clay in the Digital Days: Introducing Kelsey

Red Shark Digital

Hey guys, my name is Kelsey and I am the new graphic design intern here at Red Shark Digital! I’m currently a senior at ECU double majoring in graphic design and ceramics (yeah, I’m aware. Very different ends of the spectrum). Honestly, I think it’s a brilliant combination of degrees. When I get frustrated in the studio and can no longer center my mugs, vases, and jars, I can take a break and focus on my design work. In the same aspect, when I’m so tired of staring at a computer screen that I feel like I could bash my head into a wall, (not really, but seriously.. It’s tempting sometimes) I go to the studio and focus on a medium that I can physically touch and give my eyes a break from the tormenting world of bright screens. No matter how low I turn my brightness down, I always find myself squinting. Anyone else or is it just me? (eye roll).

Anyways, I am super pumped to get to join the Red Shark team and learn more about hands-on marketing strategies and branding! Ever since I was in high school I knew I wanted to do graphic design. The thought of being able to communicate visually and not just audibly was so intriguing. I started keeping up with design firms such as Pentagram, Charlie Smith Design, Spin, and so many more. These are some of the most prolific design companies I can think of. I’d still love to work for Paula Scher at Pentagram. Let’s be serious though, who wouldn’t want to work in New York City with one of the most famous graphic designers at one of the most famous design firms in the world, amiright? I get a lot of inspiration from these modern design firms along with designers such as Josef Muller Brockman who paved the way for the modern day grid system we designer people try to follow.

My favorite area of design that I’ve experienced thus far would have to be package design. I love to think about a specific targeted audience and sketch out what kind of design would attract this group of people. It’s a pretty big project to take a brand and design a line of packaging that is not only cohesive with the company but also the consumer. I love clean modern design mixed with bright pops of color. A lot of times in school they teach us black and white is the way to go… (blah blah blah) BUT - a nice pop of color ain't never hurt nobody.

Already in my short time here at Red Shark I’ve been taught how to build ads for different clients, worked on defining a logo design for someone, learned how to communicate with a team of different people who all play a different yet valuable role here, and not to mention how to get Alexa, the echo dot but not the dot the larger one, to sing and tell us stories throughout our workday. Did you know Alexa sang? I sure didn’t. Its pretty entertaining too. If you have an Alexa, I highly recommend this if you’re having a bad day or just need a simple pick-me-up.

I do have to say although everyone here is great and the work environment is amazing,  my favorite team member here has to be Lincoln, a lively golden retriever who prances around the office looking for love. Can you blame me? What else do you really need to make your Monday morning great? I’m really  looking forward to the rest of  my time here at Red Shark and I’m grateful to have the opportunity to work with such a hilarious, intelligent, and diverse group of team members.  

You know you love me,

XOXO - Kelsey

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