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The Red Shark Identity

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

The Red Shark Identity

The first task an intern at RSD receives is that of writing a blog introducing themselves to our readers. I can imagine this task is met with uncertainty. Where do I start? Is this a test? Whuuuuuttt? Over the weeks and months our interns spend with us we work hard to help them have a true understanding of the culture of a digital agency as well as a comprehensive understanding of the professional world and how RSD fits in it. The reason for this task is so upon completion of their internship they can reflect on what they learned and how their perspective changed in their semester spent with us.

OK ok, where am I going? I get it. You’re in a hurry. This read isn’t meant to inform you of the latest tactic we offer or new trends in our space. However, Travis just smashed an awesome information piece of the latest in our programmatic capabilities. I write this to help you understand the culture here at the place I call home. We all call home.

But first…Let's take it back a bit.

Way back to my 30-day review. There it was, under opportunities to improve. ‘Build the culture of RSD’.

Allow me to put this into perspective. At this point in my time at RSD, I had spoken maybe 3 words to the small team of 5 I was a part of. Slack was the way of life. Headphones were in, doors were shut, my coworkers scurried in and scurried out.

It’s a funny time to remember. Our team is much larger now, with Chris and myself being the only two capable of saying we survived the silence.

:: Spoiler Alert:: Silence is rare these days.:: Spoiler Alert::

A day at RSD is met with possibilities. That’s cliche’, but true. Every day at RSD we challenge one another. We push one another. We work in constant pursuit of excellence. Not only in our respective positions but in our ability to help other team members grow to a new level. You see it’s not enough for us to just know what another team member does. Most of us here truly desire to understand the processes and services we offer to our clients. After all, every client has a name, and every name a story. Not to be confused with The Story Brand.

Most will say I spend too much time in the office after hours. However, this time is often perfect for reflection. Not so much on how RSD has grown since I have been a part of the team, but more so on the current standings of my team. I trust my team. I’m thankful for them. Most will say I challenge them. I push them to their limit, only to help them understand their limit is far from where they had first imagined it to be.

Look it in the eye, and step into it.

This is the approach of the team at RSD. Whether that be a new project that exceeds the limits of any before it, a new tactic that is on the rise, or a new platform sure to aid us in our pursuit of excellence. We step into every challenge confident that a team of dedicated, passionate professionals is right beside as we sprint through the ever-changing world of digital marketing.

We aren’t an incubator by any means. However, I like to think that just like the interns, each member of our team can attest to the growth they have seen while working here. Every week each member of our team makes me proud. I mean that. I can speak to specific moments where every member of our team has made me proud. An awkward silence met with a new idea. A roadblock met with new and creative forms of troubleshooting. A meeting met with new confidence in themselves and the product we offer. I’m not the best at showing this pride I find in them, however, pride is the perfect word for the emotion.

Working with me you will see that the word traditional is far from accurate when describing my identity. I don’t fit inside any box. However, I am very simple. I care about people, I care about clients, and I love to work.

I’m big on identity. Not in the respect of choosing to identify with something, however, the identity of one's personality, how they work.

Maybe brand is a better word.

I work to understand my team on a micro level. Understanding their identity so that I am able to avoid expecting things that are quite literally off-brand, or against their identities. I find this reduces the amount of ‘those’ conversations. Understanding how to deliver criticism, delegate tasks, and manage expectations from team member to team member.

Perspective is what it all comes down to.

Be Better is our mantra. By adjusting our perspective regarding accounts, projects, other team members, and life in general, we inadvertently manage ourselves and those around us better. Again, pushing those around us to new levels of excellence.

We are far from perfect. However, I believe in my team. I believe in our product. Together we are able to bring innovation to your marketing strategies and business needs. Hiring RSD does not give you a team MEMBER. It gives you a team.

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