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Shark Tank Ooh Ha Ha

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Shark Tank Ooh Ha Ha

Here at Red Shark Digital, we do a little thing every Thursday called Shark Tank. It doesn’t matter how busy our week gets or how many things we are in the middle of, the entire team stops for some productive team bonding in the form of Shark Tank. Now, I’m sure you are sitting there wondering, ‘what exactly is Shark Tank?’. That’s what we’re here to tell you. Shark Tank is a meeting of the minds, if you will. We share one (or in some cases many) thing(s) we have learned and one good thing. Each week it must be something different and something new, meaning, no other teammate has shared this piece before. Although we are learning new things every day, this gives us a chance to step out of our comfort zones and delve into something different, something that isn’t our normal day-to-day learning. Sometimes we learn something new from another teammate and sometimes we learn something new in our industry, Shark Tank is a mixture of both every single week. It’s a chance for us to all sit together, laugh together, and learn together.

Ironically, or not, today is Thursday! Which means, we have successfully completed another Shark Tank. So, we’re here to tell you a little bit about what our team learned this week and something good from each team member!

Let’s start with Mike (Mike works in UI Production), this week Mike learned about connecting a symbol library with Sketch. We can get more into that in a different blog, but it’s awesome that we are coming up with tools to make our process smoother every day! His something good is that he is excited about new rapid wireframing sketch library he and the team recently completed and learning a bit about code. Keep up the good work, Mike!  

Next up was Hilary (our Account Executive), she learned more about email templates and the extent of the purposes that they can serve. It may seem like an email template is just a simple design with information dropped in once a week, month, etc. but there is so much more to it than that. An extensive amount of thought and planning needs to go into each template and how they will be used. Her something good was that there was nothing bad and that is always good!

We’ll continue on to Nik (our Developer). Nik always comes to the table with extremely interesting, yet complex, things that he has learned. Most of the time he is speaking a language none of us know, but, we still learn from him every day. Nik learned about local storage and how it can be used for building web apps. If you know anything about Nik, you know he will know every detail of this before the end of the week...and today is Thursday, so….His something good was that he doesn’t have to waste his time trusting Hilary anymore. He’s upset that she took his fidget box (or whatever you refer to those annoying little gadgets as) and he will not trust her until it has been returned, which will be shortly once he agrees to stop fidgeting with it. So, now that we think about it, probably never.

Moving right along, we’ll hear from Spencer (the one and only Creative Director). Spencer learned about a new program called MapBox. This one seems pretty neat, actually. MapBox is an SDK for navigation and map applications. Companies like Lonely Planet, CNN, Pinterest, IBM, Snapchat, MapQuest, National Geographic and many others use MapBox to display their data on maps. It is well vetted by the government and military and uses their data as well. To get a better understanding apart from this vague explanation, check it out! Additionally, take a look at the built with mapbox medium hub. His something good is that he is excited about our new wireframe and user flow cards, especially excited to use these with our clients!

Now to Caroline (Marketing Creative, we won’t tell you what we actually call her) and her learnings with Sketch this week. It seems to be a popular subject! First, she learned how to download it (we’re so proud) and then she dove right into working on ad creatives within sketch. This piece is pretty awesome and will make the client approval process much easier for both sides. We can’t wait to implement it! Her something good is that she won’t have to spend as much time on ads anymore which will increase production, it’s a win-win all around. Oh...we may have forgotten a small bit of her something good, or a HUGE bit of her something good. Caroline is ENGAGED, everyone please extend a huge congrats to our sweet Carol. We are so freaking excited for her and her beau, Will!!!

We’re just about done, let’s see what Riley (one of our lovely Interns) has learned this week. Riley learned more about Local SEO and our process behind it. We are really enjoying having our interns here and all that they do! Riley’s something good is, CAROLINE IS ENGAGED!!! Sorry, we can’t contain our excitement on this.

Wrapping up, we’ve got Travis (our Campaign Manager). Travis learned about notes in AdWords. This is a game changer for us, and maybe you too! This will lead to better communication within our AdWords accounts for the team. His something good is that we have some new SEO coming your way and we’re looking forward to sharing it soon!

So, if you’ve made it this far, we are very happy that you love us as much as you do. If you skipped down to this line, just pretend like you read the whole thing. Maybe next time we’ll bring you in to experience Shark Tank in full force but for now, enjoy the rest of your short week and soon to be, weekend!

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