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Say Hi to Hillary: Copywriter

May 9, 2022
August 8, 2023

Say Hi to Hillary: Copywriter

Red Shark Digital

Hi, everyone! I’m Hillary, the newest copywriter at Red Shark Digital, digital marketing agency Greenville NC. During my last year at ECU, I developed a passion for social media marketing, specifically influencer marketing. After graduation, I went on to work remotely with the Korean culture subscription box Inspire Me Korea as US Marketing Officer and Influencer Specialist. There, I was able to put my love of writing, languages, and social media (as well as my growing interest in K-pop) to use! I’ve also worked for my family’s auto-body business, Dunn’s Body Shop, here in Greenville, NC. Working at Dunn’s gave me a first-hand look at issues and questions small businesses face, which gives me an advantage when working with them at a digital marketing agency in Greenville NC. After my break from social media marketing, I’ve realized just how much I missed it!



A huge foodie, I love trying new things not just for the taste, but for the experience! As the indisputable food and travel King, Anthony Bourdain, once said: “food, culture, people and (the) landscape are all absolutely inseparable.” If you aren’t able to travel, trying foods from around different parts of the globe at restaurants in your area is a great way to get a little piece of that experience. My favorites? Asian food and Boba Tea!


As you may have guessed, I have some major wanderlust! I would love to travel to every region in the world in my lifetime. Domestically I’ve been to NYC, DC, Orlando, and San Antonio. Internationally, I’ve been to France and Spain. Next on the list? South Korea!


Alright, you might be seeing a theme here, right? I am an absolute K-pop addict! My favorites are Twice, Red Velvet, BTS, Sunmi, and Hyuna. My Spotify playlists are not all K-pop though! I also love artists like Coheed and Cambria, CHVRCHES, My Chemical Romance, HANA, and (please don’t cancel me for this, I just like the music) Grimes.



What film minor wouldn’t have some favorites lined up? If I had to choose, my favorite movie of all time is probably Crimson Peak. Haunted House? Victorian Era? Ghosts? Tom Hiddleston? I’m sold. Favorite show? Probably Age of Youth. Although I do watch a lot of K-dramas/K-Films, I also love my suspense, historical fiction, and action films. Movie Trivia (any trivia really) is also one of my favorite activities!


When I say I love writing and language-I don’t just mean English! As a linguaphile, I’ve always had a knack for learning languages and (thank you nearly 5 years of theatre) accents. I was pretty conversational in French in high school (nearly all gone now-you truly do use it or lose it) and throughout the past years have casually dabbled in Japanese and Korean. I’ve got a few books, but I’ve found being consistent with language learning apps can also be a great way to get that knowledge in your noggin.


I’ve always loved more eccentric clothes and alternative fashion. Think less about leather chains, and black and more about pastels, ruffles, and funky earrings! That said, I’m often in more comfy cottons and leggings, especially if I’m just running errands. If you see me out in that, no you didn’t.

Red Shark Digital Marketing Greenville NC

So there you have it, that’s me in a nutshell. I can’t wait to learn, grow, and use my skills at Red Shark Digital, digital marketing agency Greenville NC!

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