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Responsive Web Design: What It Is and Why Every Business Needs it!

December 3, 2020
May 1, 2023

Responsive Web Design: What It Is and Why Every Business Needs it!

Mike Fenwick

The days when it was enough to have a nicely designed website are over. According to a recent report from Cisco, traffic to mobile websites increased by more than 81% in 2013 alone. Prospective buyers browsing the Internet increasingly are doing so with mobile devices. Businesses need to adapt to this new market reality. Those that don’t provide access on multiple platforms risk missing a significant percentage of potential sales.

The stakes are huge, according to Cisco:

“Traffic from wireless and mobile devices will exceed traffic from wired devices by 2018. By 2018, wired devices will account for 39 percent of IP traffic, while Wi-Fi and mobile devices will account for 61 percent of IPtraffic. In 2013, wired devices accounted for the majority of IP traffic at 56 percent.”

It’s a no-brainer. more and more, people are searching the internet with their phones. Not having responsive web design doesn’t mean you won’t turn up in searches (though a good design will also enhance your search rankings)—it does mean that prospective customers won’t like what they see when they land on your site and struggle to make sense of it.

As the market continues to change, small and medium-size business owners are turning to responsive design and coming to understand that a responsive website will configure to any device, whether it’s a PC, iPhone, iPad or Android. When you have responsive design, viewers will see the same content they would see on their PCs—the content will simply look different, configuring to the device on which it’s viewed.

You don’t need to be a genius to see where the market is going, or to understand the need for your business to have responsive web design. You do need to be smart in choosing the right company to make it a reality, and there are many out there.

Look for a company which has experience creating responsive websites for small- and medium-size businesses, understands their special needs and is committed to their success, a company which will work with you, research your business and create a site which conforms to your brand identity.

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