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Red Shark Digital Receives the Hermes Award

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Red Shark Digital Receives the Hermes Award

Abby Costello

Hermes Award

The Hermes award is a competition for creative professionals ranging from graphic design shops to corporate marketing and communication departments around the world to express their company’s personality and values directly through their website. Judging is solely managed by The Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP). They are recognized as one of the most distinguished and admired assessors of the marketing and communication industry’s creative works.

Red Shark Digital Wins Platinum

Red Shark Digital is proud to announce that we have accepted a 2019 Hermes Award for electronic, social, and interactive media. It is no secret that technology is rising at an exponential rate, therefore it can become increasingly difficult to create a website that is strategically designed well enough to not only stand out to potential consumers but to set the bar high for competitors as well. Our innovative website design aims to present our previous work and all of our available services in a convenient manner. Red Shark Digital works tirelessly to provide an easily accessible, but topnotch website. With offices in Greenville and Raleigh, NC, we strive to provide cutting edge website designs and solutions to businesses small and large.

The Award

The sleek H with its intricately carved wings is a modern, abstract piece of art recognizing the messenger’s role in creativity, design and technology.

The new award is the creation of Hermes’ design staff working with artists and craftsmen from Society Awards, the world’s foremost designer and fabricator of custom awards. Society Awards’ clients include the Golden Globes, Emmy’s, MTV, Academy of Country Music, The Voice and Dancing with the Stars.

After more than a decade symbolizing excellence in marketing and communications, the Hermes messenger award has a revolutionary new look designed to reflect the rapidly evolving industry that it represents.

Award-Winning Website Design Greenville NC Agency

Our website received a 2019 Platinum Hermes award within the electronic, social, and interactive media category for our overall website design.

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