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Introducing Alaina Corsini

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Introducing Alaina Corsini

Alaina Corsini

My name is Alaina Corsini, a new Digital Strategist on the Red Shark Digital team. I’m originally from North Attleboro, Massachusetts, a small town outside of Boston. A lover of dogs, the New England Patriots and North Carolina winters which led me to Greenville and East Carolina University. I obtained a Bachelors in Public Relations with a minor in leadership studies. I also recently completed my Masters in Communication with a health context.

During my years at East Carolina University, I was a reporter for the East Carolinian and held positions in my sorority. I spent the Fall semester of my junior year on the ECU campus in Certaldo, Italy and the following summer studying communication in Poland and the Czech Republic. Upon returning to Greenville, I became a global ambassador, a peer advisor for study abroad students, and was responsible for the PR of study abroad programs. I later went on to work for the office as a Graduate Assistant and for the School of Communication as a Teaching Assistant. In these roles, I taught mass media lectures, assisted in content design and website reconstruction. I am psyched to further my knowledge in digital marketing while pursuing my career with Red Shark Digital.


  • My dog- His name is Octavius Gus Corsini but we call him Gus Gus. He is named after the mouse in Cinderella and lives up to being a faithful chubby sidekick
  • Music-I love all genres of music and enjoy finding new songs to listen to. Some of my favorite artists include Elvis Presley, Lana Del Rey, Bob Marley & the Beatles.
  • Traveling- Exploring new places and meeting new people continues to be one of my favorite past times.
  • Higher education- As a Graduate Assistant for ECU I discovered a longing for more knowledge in topics I enjoyed. I love learning from incredible people who love what they do and share that with others.
  • Drinking coffee- I quite literally run on Dunkin’ Donuts but I’ll settle for any and all types of coffee.


  • Cooking- Although I love food and trying different types of food, I am a pretty sub-par cook. I usually rely on the talents of others to make me a great meal.
  • Rude people- I believe there is just simply no reason to put down others for any reason. Especially treating others poorly simply because they are different from you.
  • Chemistry- I was originally a Nutrition major but soon found out that Chemistry was not my forte. Thankfully my studies went full circle with health communication. I was able to focus many projects and areas of study around nutrition and other related topics I was interested in.

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