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Meet Chelsea! Our Graphic Design Intern

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Meet Chelsea! Our Graphic Design Intern

Red Shark Digital

My name is Chelsea Davis, and I’m the new graphic design intern at Red Shark Digital, premier digital marketing agency in Greenville NC! I’m currently a senior at East Carolina University, majoring in Fine Arts with a graphic design concentration. I grew up across the country, driving from one new home to the next. Eventually, I found myself in North Carolina.One of my favorite phrases is to “trust the process.” This applies to working on designs, but also to my time at ECU. I wasn’t happy with my current major at the beginning of college. I took a chance on graphic design, and it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made! I try to trust the process and follow where it leads me because most of the time it’s better than what I could have planned. I’m grateful for this opportunity at Red Shark Digital and excited about what I can learn about digital marketing during my time here!


  • Movies - One of my favorite pastimes is watching movies. I can enjoy almost any genre as long as the movie is done well.
  • My pup - My dog is a beagle mix named Ollie. He’s four years old now, but just as soft and lazy as when he was a puppy!
  • Road trips - While I hated moving growing up, it did instill a love of driving to a new location. I love going on road trips, short or long.


  • Mushrooms - I was a really picky kid growing up. Over the years I’ve learned to love all different types of food, but mushrooms are still not one of those.
  • Clashing colors - I’ve always hated wearing colors that didn’t match. I’ve even avoided getting color in my tattoos because I don’t want the colors to clash with whatever I end up wearing!
  • Silence - Silence can be relaxing sometimes, but I prefer to have background noise. I focus so much better when I have some type of noise playing, whether it’s music, the tv, or a podcast!

Digital Marketing in North Carolina

At Red Shark Digital we take pride in our pursuit of marketing knowledge and online expertise. For more information about graphic design or the internship process at a top digital marketing agency in North Carolina, contact RSD today!

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