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What Makes Us Different: Why We Don’t Wear Slacks

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

What Makes Us Different: Why We Don’t Wear Slacks

Red Shark Digital

The Digital Movement

How do you choose the right digital marketing agency? Isn’t that the question for all business owners nowadays? While traditional marketing is still a great method, it is becoming more and more evident that it is time to transition from the old to the new.

Wow, thinking about this reminds me of when I started working for Red Shark Digital. I remember the immediate excitement I had when getting a call to come in an interview at this digital marketing Agency. I had spent four, long years studying the art of marketing and with a fresh degree in my hand, I was ready to go to work.

In short, I was hired. And I was stoked. My first job doing what I had gone to college for would begin in just one short week. Not only was it marketing, it was online marketing. I UNDERSTOOD this type of marketing to be a success before I even started school. (I can’t tell you how many “free shipping” and “one day only” as I had been sucked in by.

Here I was again getting sucked in by all the website tricks. Obviously, I needed a new wardrobe for this fancy new job in digital marketing. I was off, the Express website led me straight to the store. Three hundred dollars in slacks later, I had more than enough pants to get me started. (Little did I know, these were gonna do me no good at Red Shark Digital.)

The Red Shark Movement

My first day had finally arrived. And I was ready, all dressed up in a blazer, a button down and a fresh new pair of pink slacks. Express branding all the way from head toe, feeling super fresh. As I was introduced to each of my new “team members” I quickly realized, I was very overdressed. While I was ready for a business meeting my fellow coworkers were relaxed and hard at work. Can you say, SURPRISE!

I quickly came to realize, that it didn’t particularly matter what any of us were wearing. What we did for our clients was what was “well dressed and ready to rock.” Web design, to seo, sem, social media marketing, management, company branding and SO much more Red Shark Digital does it all.

The Takeaway: We don’t wear slacks

Choosing your digital marketing agency can be a headache, but it shouldn’t be, which is why here at Red Shark we make it our goal to completely satisfy the needs of our clients with ease. We use words that are understandable, we create solutions that are achievable, and we produce results.

We aren’t like the other agencies, all dressed up in a suit and tie with a bucket full of jargon that no one can understand. We are relaxed, well versed and ready to speak to all of your business needs in layman's terms that are understandable and goal driven, to give you our client the ULTIMATE business success.

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