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Living In A Digital World

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Living In A Digital World

Alex Kettler

We’ve all heard it. “You and that phone!” from our parents, grandparents, and even friends. But what about when they need directions to a new restaurant or the store hours for the local mall? Rarely will you see someone pull out a map these days, or go looking through the phone book to find a store’s phone number. It is now all in the palms of our hands. Imagine the amount of time digital media saves by preventing us from looking up directions on a map or flipping through the phone book to call a store. Let alone, waiting for them to pick up the phone and ask for store hours when we could simply Google it on our phones.

Years ago, media was used solely for information and entertainment and not so much for communication as it is today. Outside of reading newspapers to stay informed, people largely communicated in person. There was no Facebook or ordering groceries online! Most transactions were unmediated: there was no person, process, or technology standing between us and the rest of society.

The Digital Era

In today’s world, digital media helps the world go round. Virtual doctors make healthcare immediately accessible, meeting new people is easier than ever via dating apps, and even our cars and houses are becoming media platforms. We would never even think of leaving the house without our phone, whether it be for safety reasons or just because we can’t imagine hanging out with our friends without documenting every minute of it on Snapchat.

Having your phone attached to your hip may be a bother to the older generation, but there are so many benefits. The Find My Friends app on iPhones allows you to share your location with selected friends, so the people that care about you can make sure you’re safe. Documenting every moment via Snapchat will make memories last longer and give us something to show our future children. Facebook is a way for us to share positive news and document our lives over the years.

If you look at digital media as a way to simplify your life, you will start to see that it has brought about a new way of living that has many advantages. We hope this will open your eyes to the great things digital media can do!

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