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Introducing Texas: Account Specialist

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Introducing Texas: Account Specialist

Matt Mitchell

My name is Texas, I am a new Account Specialist at Red Shark Digital, digital marketing Greenville NC. I am originally from Austin, TX and now reside in Greenville after moving for school at East Carolina University. I graduated from the College of Business with a major in Management Information Systems, spending the majority of my time in a Business Analyst focus. I have a background in media, company relations, and event planning; specifically within the automotive industry in regards to the Sema Show. I am blessed and grateful for this opportunity at Red Shark Digital, digital advertising agency and am looking forward to learning as much as I can!


  • I like anything with a motor. I've been around cars all my life. Whether it's helping a friend install a light bar in the driveway or managing a Sema build with 50 sponsors and an unlimited budget, I love/can work on anything with a motor.
  • I am a huge dog person. I've had dogs since I was a little kid ranging from my parents Cocker Spaniel to my Czechoslovakian Wolfdog. Definitely want to get another one down the road once I have the time and space they need.
  • My favorite place I have ever been is Charleston, SC. I love going down to see friends and visit family. Being on the water all day or taking the boat out to the sandbank is what I live for on the weekends.


  • Football. This would be in the "Do" category, other than the fact I'm unfortunately a Dallas Cowboy fan. I have accepted at this point that I'm in for a lifetime of 8-8 seasons.
  • Putting pickles on your burger is blasphemy.
  • Math was always my least favorite subject I had to take throughout school. I don't mind doing basic math-related things, but if you ask me to solve a long algebraic equation, I am probably not your guy.

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Red Shark Digital is a superior full-service digital advertising agency with extensive knowledge in marketing, branding, web development, graphic design, and other online marketing strategies. I am excited and looking forward to working in digital marketing Greenville NC.

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