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Introducing Alex: Graphic Designer at Red Shark Digital

May 9, 2022
May 1, 2023

Introducing Alex: Graphic Designer at Red Shark Digital

Alex Kettler

Hey everyone my name is Alex Kettler, and I'm the new digital graphic designer at Red Shark Digital, digital marketing agency Greenville NC. I grew up in Greenville but my family is from Detroit, Michigan and I spent most of my summer going there. I got into graphic design five years ago, and my favorite element of design is typography. I'm thankful for this opportunity to learn about digital marketing and creative services Greenville NC during my time here.



I listen to basically every genre but my go is Midwest emo and my go-to artists are American Football, Modern Baseball, and Mom jeans.

Film photography:

I Shoot usually on a Canon AE-1, and the film I use is any kind that's C-41 process. I develop my film in my bathroom, and I scan the negatives and edit them through the lightroom.


Growing up I always thought skateboarding was really cool and was one of the things that got me into graphic design. But that being said, I only started skating about two years ago.



I would rather it be fall or spring.


Never had fun bowling.


I think everyone hates it.

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