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I'm Not The Matt You're Looking For

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

I'm Not The Matt You're Looking For

Red Shark Digital

Meet Our New Designer Matt Wagner

Hello! My name is Matthew Wagner and am from Robersonville, NC. I enjoy being creative and love to find ways to incorporate my hobbies into my design work. When I’m not behind a computer you can find me outdoors; camping, hiking, or just laying on the beach. My passion for design, street art and photography have progressively turned into a career in the past few years. Treating every day as a learning experience has been the most influential thing I have done for myself, and I continue to look for more ways to express my creativity and share with the world.

Favorite Quote?

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans” - John Lennon

Favorite TV Show?

The Office

Favorite Condiment?

Sup Sauce

Favorite Singer/Band/Music Artist?

The Beatles

Favorite Food?


Biggest Pet Peeve?

Girlfriend not replacing the TP roll

If you could visit one place on Earth where would you go?

The Taj Mahal

If you were a superhero what powers would you have?

Flight and invisibilityCommunity plays a big part in my life and I hope to be able to give back to my own as I grow as a person and an artist. I am very excited to be joining the Red Shark Digital team, and can’t wait to dive into the agency side of design more and learn as much as possible.

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