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Home Run WordPress Website Redesign: Rogers Break Away Base

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Home Run WordPress Website Redesign: Rogers Break Away Base

Abby Costello

Red Shark Digital hit a home run with our latest WordPress website redesign for Rogers Break Away Base. The client reached out to our digital marketing agency in need of a website redesign to reflect the popularity of their base system and educate users on the unique qualities of the bases.

The previous website was text-heavy and a bit cluttered, and did not market the products to its full potential. The product pages were simply for e-commerce and did not exemplify the benefits of each piece. With such a plain website, the company was missing out on opportunities to truly express the importance and value of break away bases.

WordPress Website Redesign | Red Shark Digital

The new WordPress website redesign turned the Rogers Break Away Base site into an informative, educational, attractive e-commerce site that touches on the value of each and every product. The Home page features the most popular products, marketing, testimonials, and installation instructions available for download.

As users navigate through the site, they will find pages for each category of product offered by Rogers Break Away Base, featuring a unique scrolling feature to describe the pieces. As users scroll down the product marketing pages, they will find further information on the intricate details of each product. With updated photography, a sleek, clean interface, and an overall more aesthetically-pleasing experience, the Rogers Break Away WordPress website redesign covers all the bases!

Here's a sneak peek, but be sure to check out the Rogers Break Away Base website for yourself!

We also performed speed tests on the old site and the new WordPress website redesign.Here is the performance report for the old site:

And the new site!

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