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Greenville Police Department WordPress Website Build

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Greenville Police Department WordPress Website Build

Abby Costello

Red Shark Digital’s most recent project, the Greenville Police Department’s WordPress website build, was an enjoyable project that highlights the importance and responsibilities of Greenville’s most respected allies.


The objective of the Greenville PD’s new WordPress website build was to become a recruiting site that better explained and highlighted the police department. Without a website of their own, the Greenville Police Department was only featured on the city's website, where there is only a single page for the GPD. The page does not offer an adequate explanation or materials that sell the Greenville Police Department as the best department in the region.


In order to accentuate the Greenville Police Department’s units and career opportunities, Red Shark Digital created a custom-designed and developed WordPress website, including a multi-step application process module that highlights the steps required to become a GPD Officer. A video embed on the homepage provides users (and potential GPD Officers) with a deeper look into the daily life of a Greenville PD Officer. The multi-step application module walks users and interested applicants through the application process, from step one all the way to the final offer. Other great features of the GPD website are the newsletter integration and Google Analytics integration, allowing us to track and record website traffic from all channels.

Greenville Police Department WordPress Website Build | Red Shark Digital

The new website has impeccable imagery, captivating fonts, and extensive explanations of the duties of the Greenville Police Department’s high-interest positions. The website also features a Frequently Asked Questions page, answering questions such as age requirements and how to apply to BLET.

If you are interested in becoming a Greenville Police Officer or are a member of the Greenville community, or if you are a fan of Red Shark Digital’s work, check out the website for yourself!

Check out the Greenville Police Department recruitment website!

Team Members Involved:

Design & Project Management: Spencer Bunting

Development: Mike Fenwick

Copywriting & Content: Abby McVeigh

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