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Hi, My Name Is... NOT RACHEL

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Hi, My Name Is... NOT RACHEL

Alaina Corsini

With summer coming to an end, so is my time as a digital marketing intern with Red Shark Digital. I’ve learned so much and made so many memories throughout my time here that I will carry with me a lifetime. Although I am very sad about the ending of my internship, I’m happy to be leaving with more knowledge and leaving behind amazing coworkers for the next lucky intern. I’ve learned more about SEO overall and what goes into getting your mom and pop store or corporate company on the first page of google. I’ve learned how to manage a company’s social media pages to increase their clientele and I have learned how to create and send monthly reports. I have learned so much more here that putting it into words would be impossible. However, my main job here has been writing blogs for several clients. Writing these blogs has not only made me better at content marketing but has also taught me how to manage and change my writing style depending on my target audience. The things I have learned here will not only help me in the classroom as my last Fall semester at ECU is coming up, but also while looking for a first big girl job as graduation slowly but surely approaches next Spring. I now know what I want for a career and the working environment I hope to have. I’ve told you a lot about the exciting things I’ve learned and worked on this summer but I would like to tell you a little bit of what I’ve learned about the people that work here. I’ve learned that Spencer deals with stress by lying flat on the ground, face first I might add. I’ve learned Nik will always call me, “Not Rachel,” and make fun of my childish sneezes. I’ve learned that Caroline really likes to know what everyone wants from the grocery store before she goes and will probably beat you if you ask for something after she returns with an arm full of groceries. I’ve learned that no matter your response to the question of the day, Mike will always say, “that’s a good answer!” I’ve learned Hillary will yell if you try talking during movie Friday, mostly at Nik though. I’ve learned Lindsey was the one who started the no shoes trend around the office (ew!). I’ve learned Travis is insanely creative because I still don’t know how he comes up with these crazy questions for Instagram every day. I’ve learned Jason really likes bringing us Cubbie’s biscuits for breakfast (not complaining though). I’ve also learned that Chris really wants the team to strive to "Be Better," and to remember to take out your trash! Last, but not least, I’ve learned that I can’t thank the other interns and the amazing individuals that work here enough for such a great learning opportunity. The time I’ve spent here has been filled with plenty of laughs, some serious moments that I still probably laughed at, and lots of learning. I will remember my time here at Red Shark Digital as a Digital Marketing Intern forever and I can’t wait to see where this company and I end up 10 years from now. I have loved writing blogs for you all to enjoy and I hope you’ll have the opportunity to read my name again some day. Future interns, you’re going to love the people, the environment, and work you will be doing here, so I officially pass the torch to you. Riley Clark, signing off!

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