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BYO Bun, Gen Alpha's Influencer Trend, and Shoppable Pins

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

BYO Bun, Gen Alpha's Influencer Trend, and Shoppable Pins

Red Shark Digital

RSD News is bringing in all the recent updates from Popeye’s BYO bun, Gen Alpha’s dedication to their favorite influencers, and Pinterest’s new shoppable pins. Check out all of the new updates in the article below!

Popeyes asks Customers to BYO Bun After Chicken Sandwich Sellout

This August Popeyes decided to release their own chicken sandwich receiving a lot of attention in the media. However, no one anticipated it would result in one of the biggest fast-food product launches ever. Due to supply chain errors, Popeyes’ chicken sandwich ended up selling out in just two weeks after the product was released. After the sellout, Popeyes began encouraging customers to bring their own bun and order a 3-piece tender meal to place on the bun. The company decided to release a video demonstrating the concept behind BYO Bun. This video campaign managed to turn the sellout around into a comedic relief for customers, all while redirecting them to purchase another product on the menu. While maintaining continuous engagement with customers through social media, Popeyes also recommended customers download the app so they will be alerted as soon as the sandwich makes its popular return.

Check out MarketingDive's article for more information on Popeyes’ BYO Bun.

55% of Gen Alpha Want to Buy What Their Favorite Youtube, Instagram Influencers Wear

It is no secret that social media is constantly changing the way we operate in our day to day lives, but just how big of an impact does it truly make? According to a new report surveying over 4,000 kids between the ages of six and 16, Wunderman Thompson Commerce reported that over 55% of kids in Generation Alpha are more willing to purchase an item if their favorite influencer uses it. The influencer trend is introducing the idea that influencers may no longer need to just be used in social media marketing, but they will now create their own companies and brands to promote. While this could be used as a huge advantage for influencers, existing brands and retailers could possibly take a hit from the new competition.

Check out MarketingDive's article for more information on Gen Alpha’s influencer trend.

Pinterest Brings Shoppable Pins to Visual Searches for Fashion, Home Products

Pinterest has now introduced their own shoppable product pins, meaning there are now over 2.5 billion fashion and home products available for potential purchase on Pinterest. These specific Lens shoppable pins will direct the consumer straight to the retailer’s checkout site, presenting them with the opportunity to purchase the item if desired. Forty-nine percent of Pinterest users said they tend to build relationships with brands and shop more efficiently while using a visual search. Therefore, users will still be able to scroll through pin’s pictures on their Pinterest, but they now have the option to purchase right there from the site. This not only provides an advantage for businesses who are linked to Pinterest, but it also provides customers with a convenient checkout method by decreasing the time spent between product discovery and purchase.

For more information on Pinterest’s shoppable pins, check out MarTech's blog.

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