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November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023


Spencer Bunting

First things first! Have you read my last post about the identity here at Red Shark Digital? It’s a solid 3-minute read, go ahead and take a gander at our blog regarding office culture. I’ll wait…

Great, right? Thanks! Ok, moving on now.

A HUGE part of our identity that I left out in that article is our unified love and respect for music. I won’t be deep and weird about how it connects us or anything like that. Just know it does affect the atmosphere here.

“Alexa is a bitch.” A common complaint we hear in the office. Am I the only one who feels like you have to tap your throat 3 times, spin around, and close your eyes before she will actually pick up what you are saying? So, our solution to this is a community playlist! Learn more about the specifics of our digital marketing agency Spotify playlist in Camille’s post. Because this post is about me, and we all know I’m selfish.

The playlist you see below can be summed up in two words, ‘Clean Vibes’.

The word Vibe and all forms of it are a big part of my vocabulary. Clean vibes, good vibes, vibing, etc. etc. So when creating this playlist, obviously I wanted that to be conveyed. Our voices here are different and music is the best way to demonstrate that. I won’t go into detail on every song, but some hit on a fundamental level and I will be touching on those.

I am big on creating passive channels of information and knowledge as well as an infrastructure that forces me to adjust my perspective regarding both my personal and professional lives. This isn’t any different for my music. You will notice a wide assortment of songs on this playlist. However, if you listen in order the flow is clean, it’s smooth.

Starting with Super Far you’re met with a good bump as it starts off with just enough energy to keep you focused for that first few minutes at your desk. The next two play into that same vibe, however, Redbone brings you to an abrupt stop. Allowing for a good 12 seconds before straight into Fame on Fire’s excellent cover of Drake’s God’s Plan. Energy picks up here. Your mindset is forced to match your workload.

Run For Cover levels out a bit but the BPMs are there and your mind is still up. Kasabian brings in a bit more of aggression giving you that subliminal confidence boost you need!

Now we move into the hip-hop portion of the playlist with Everyday being a clean transition between the two but also sets us up for the 4 more on trend hip-hop songs coming down the pipe.

Powerglide is that new money banger that’s vibe is instant. You’re bouncing in your seat thinking back to when these guys had you yelling ‘Black Beatles in the CITY’. The next 3 keep the trend of movement and hype. Allowing Lil Boat to bring us down setting up for Alex Goot’s baller acoustic cover of XO Tour Lliif3. I really do love this version of the song but also I needed a good transition piece to take us into the more mellow bit of the list.

The Times They Are A Changin’ has been a staple in my music library for as far back as I can remember. Talk about changing your perspective. We follow trends here at Red Shark Digital. We play the attention game. Day to day our tactics change, our strategy is ever evolving. Staying in one place too long allows us to fall behind our competition and in turn our clients to fall behind theirs. Plus, I directly correlate the ‘Better start swimming or you’ll sink like a stone’ line to the fact that we are sharks and if we stop swimming…well, we gone die.

Wasted and Hard to Concentrate are both good vibes but they are more fillers and don’t have a true meaning behind them aside from fitting perfectly into the melody and downbeats of this portion of the list.

Truthfully, at this point in the playlist, my whole goal is to break down your mindset so it’s conditioned to receive ‘One More Light’ appropriately.

Mental health is a HUGE deal to me. I joke a lot and I am super loose in almost every setting. A lot of this comes from the confidence I have in our skillset and delivery. However, I am very serious about mental health. To a point where it breaks me down, seeing those around me struggle in a way they can't control. I’m not one to pop a mouth that says retard or disown those who pick fun of those less fortunate, but I will be the difference. I will take the time to understand, to not treat them differently but show them I care. The narrative in our country surrounding this issue discourages me. So, as I said, I have infrastructure in place that forcedly changes my perspective without my seeking the adjustment. This song is one of the pieces in that puzzle. The songs leading into it. Hard to concentrate a song about marriage. Love is all, a beautiful song by The Tallest Man on Earth. To build A home, The Funeral. These all speak to beautiful emotions involved in life but more importantly the tragic emotions of lives of those on earth after death. Allowing Suicide to fill the variable of cause and byproduct of mental health.

One More Light is honestly the most powerful and beautiful song I have ever heard surrounding this issue. I don’t want to take away from its power with some mundane description of it because my words will never do Chester’s justice.

Blessings again is a song that adjusts my perspective. I’m not special. I am surrounded by amazing people who push me to do more and be better. I am extremely blessed and Chance really puts into perspective the number of blessings we simply look right past.

So like I said,

Alexa is a Bitch

Mental Health Awareness in this country sucks

Your Mindset is the only thing you can control and the songs on this playlist help me keep mine in check.

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