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Native Programmatic

Programmatic Advertising
April 11, 2022

Native Advertising Platform

Programmatic display advertising, are where digital ads are bought and placed automatically, and data is used to then target users based on data collected on their movements that come from pixels to serve a paid ad. Merriam-Webster defines ‘Native’ as “one born or reared in a particular place”, so in the marketing world, native programmatic advertising is a tactic known for doing just that: Paid ads appearing within relevant content, where the ad matches the form, feel, and function of the substance of the media on which it appears. The technique is simple: Incorporating the marketers’ messages and assets into a publisher’s newsfeed in a way that they appear to look organic.

How Does Native Programmatic Advertising Work?

Since native ads are designed to blend into the existing content of a website, they are not disruptive to the user experience. Native ads differ visually in each publication, but are known to usually have the following characteristics:

  • Cohesiveness - Deliver content that parallels with landing page or site’s content
  • Assimilation - Integrated into page or app design
  • Consistency - Conform with the platform’s typical behavior

Native ads are not seen as a disruptive element, but rather a part of the user experience, which is why they are more likely to be noticed and clicked.

Native Advertising vs. Sponsored Content

In an Ad Effectiveness Study, Sharethrough found:

  • Consumers looked at native ads 53% more frequently than display ads.
  • 25% more consumers were measured to look at in-feed native ad placements (the most common editorial native ad format) than display ad units.
  • Native ads registered an 18% higher lift in purchase intent and 9% lift for brand affinity responses than banner ads.
  • 32% of respondents said the native ad “is an ad I would share with a friend or family member” versus just 19% for display ads.

The Perfect Mixture of Native And Programmatic

The combination of native ad units with programmatic buying offers you the ability to integrate your brands’ communications into two crucial facets of effective advertising: relevance and personalization. If you want to learn more about Native Programmatic Advertising, or are ready to begin working with Red Shark Digital, contact our team today!

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