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Should I Hire a Web Design Professional?

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Should I Hire a Web Design Professional?

Spencer Bunting

We’ve all seen those ads from Wix, and Squarespace, and Weekly, and WebFlow, and GoDaddy, and Divi, and Elementor, and Microsoft Paint, and your nephew, and the backroom stock guy that won’t shut up about his computer, telling us that we can build our small business websites ourselves. AHHHH, so easy one of the elves Santa let go can do it.Well, I’m here to tell you the facts, the nitty-gritty, the ins and outs of creating a traffic-friendly, converting website design. It’s Christmas at Red Shark Digital. Buckle up, b****es.

What Does a Website Designer Do?

Some may be confused on what exactly a web designer in Greenville, NC may do. Firstly, they do the same thing that web designers across the globe do, they just have the context of the local flavor and market as it pertains to your industry of service. A website designer is responsible for the layout, look, feel, and function of your small business website, and the integrity of its role within your marketing efforts.

Website Designer Day-to-Day

  • Plan and design screens
  • Create assets needed for website
  • Build prototypes
  • Review designs with client
  • Hand off site to in-house or remote developers
  • Ensure integrity of website
  • Enter all content
  • Manage all updates and maintenance needed for website once live

Can I Do My Own Web Design?

Of course... you also CAN build your own house, but unless you’re a licensed contractor, we wouldn’t recommend it. Now, sure, the tools listed above lend a helping hand in reducing the barrier of entry into the DIY website designer world. However, as with anything in your business, you, the business owner have far better ways of spending your time than a task such as this. Right? Right! We work alongside many business owners and pride ourselves on taking this project off your plate and allowing you to stick to what you do best, running your business. Through strategic milestone meetings, we keep you in the loop for approval and strategic intention behind the decisions made, however, we do the heavy lifting of the design, development, and content creation for the site.

How Much Does Web Design Cost?

Depending on who you ask, proven, professional, and dependable web design services can range between $150 and $250 per hour spent on the project. A lot of the web design community, especially in Greenville, NC has moved to a flat rate project-based way of charging. This form of pricing is a bit more fair to both parties, and incentivizes the designer to work harder while eliminating the worry of extra charges for the client.

Best Web Design Decision for Me?

You and only you know the truth in what you need from a website, along with the budget you are ready and willing to invest in a web design project. If you have the capital to invest, along with the timeline to accommodate a professional web designer and/or agency, then we strongly recommend hiring someone. If you are a new company with limited funding and/or resources at this time, maybe a DIY builder will suffice to get you up and running. Either way, give us a call at RSD and regardless of the direction needed, we are happy to assist and provide a solution to your web design needs. Merry Christmas.

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