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Red Shark Digital Content Team Achieves Gold Winner & Greatest Honor at the 2022 NYX Awards

November 3, 2022
May 4, 2023

Red Shark Digital Content Team Achieves Gold Winner & Greatest Honor at the 2022 NYX Awards

Alaina Corsini

Red Shark Digital Content Team Achieves Gold Winner & Greatest Honor at the 2022 NYX Awards

Greenville, North Carolina: The second season of the 2022 NYX Awards has arrived at a stunning conclusion, and the International Awards Associate (IAA) is proud to reveal the complete list of winners. Recognizing and celebrating extraordinary conducts of creativity, the NYX Awards continues to acknowledge different variations of marketing and production content that impacts the general audience across a wide facet of mediums, whilst having accumulated more than 1,200 entries throughout the season.

This year, Red Shark Digital secures the Gold Winner award in the global competition for the People and Teams award. The winning entry, “RSD Content Team Delivers 75% Growth in Traffic YoY”, that led to their decisive victory includes the members of their marketing team, who manage and execute content for over 125+ clients. The team utilizes best practices for both search engine optimization and social media, tactfully creating content to drive website traffic and leads for their clients. 

 “Winning this award truly goes to show the ‘Be Better’ mentality of Red Shark Digital, and the exceptional work that the marketing team puts forth for our clients,” said Alaina Corsini, Marketing Director at Red Shark Digital. “We look forward to the continued growth for our clients and for ourselves, as we strive to not only help businesses succeed but to create quality content that converts,” said Corsini. 

Encompassing worldwide excellence from marketing, communications and video production sectors, the awards program has been progressing towards honoring innovative individuals, teams, firms, and organizations for their astounding accomplishments in marketing materials (print or digital form), videos, advertising and public relations, broadcast television operations, and creative services since its’ initiation. 

“In the 2022 NYX Awards, it is so thrilling to have received an uncountable number of entries with media branding messages that not only consists of innovative notions but overflowing with professionalism and exceptional marketing content as well,” said Thomas Brandt, spokesperson of IAA. “It is a proud and honorable moment for audiences globally and the entire industry to witness the emergence of the best strategic executions of the century.” 

With the huge leap in quality, IAA is making noteworthy measures to perpetuate the flames of all related industries, specifically from the aspects of its’ proficient jury panel. Within this group of professionals, only elites who are handpicked for their paramount apprehensions are invited to provide assessments in accordance to exemplary standards implemented throughout a wide system of channels with impartiality. 


Receiving entries from over 30 esteemed nations, the NYX Awards has been providential to involve respected individuals who have evaluated these submissions to determine the grand winners who spearhead distinguishable achievements and integrations. Some of these prestigious jurors include Anthony Wiktor (United States), Birge Linke (Singapore), Anthony Jones (United Kingdom), Pancho González (Chile), Daniel da Hora (Brazil), Jurij Plavnik (Italy), Jonathan Winbush (United States), Sam De Win (Belgium), Tracey Miner (United States), Leandro Peixoto (Portugal), and many others. 

For the complete list of Season 2 winners, visit the NYX Awards’ official website: View NYX Marcom Awards Winners and view NYX Video Awards Winners. To view Red Shark Digital’s winning entry visit “RSD Content Team Delivers 75% Growth in Traffic YoY.” 

“Moving forward to 2023, the NYX Awards has achieved something far greater than fame or just plain marketing strategies, it is the limitless possibilities that I foresee that will forever alter corporate marketing and video content,” said Brandt. “There will be no success without creativity, whereas entrants continue to surprise me to the very core with their branding selections, creating the most value in the fields of marketing, communications, media, and any associated communities.”

The team at Red Shark Digital is honored to have received this award and stand alongside other communication professionals in the industry. The marketing team at Red Shark Digital continues to put forth excellent work in terms of content creation, driving website traffic and leads for their clients. To partner with Red Shark Digital on digital marketing services, visit their website or call 252-751-9200.

About Red Shark Digital: Red Shark Digital is a superior full-service digital marketing agency that specializes in Web Design, SEO, Branding, and Digital Advertising. With offices across North Carolina, Red Shark Digital prides itself on delivering custom solutions and digital marketing success for its clients. To learn more about Red Shark Digital visit their website.

About NYX Awards: The NYX Awards is a leading international awards program that recognizes, celebrates, and provides acknowledgment favoring all who possess extraordinary caliber across all facets of industries and mediums, specifically in the fields of marketing, communication, advertising, creativity, public relations, graphic design, print, digital, video, and audio. NYX simulates monumental achievements of boundless industries, viewed as a symbol of the highest standards for those who bear it. To learn more about the NYX Awards visit the NYX Awards website.

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