Are Your Ads Strong Enough: Google Ad Strength Indicator

Calling all Google Advertisers! The time has come to put your ads to test and to determine if your responsive Google Ads are ready to knock out your competition. As you may already know, one of the easiest ways to determine whether or not your ads are "strong" depends on reviewing performance and testing multiple versions of the same ad. Google has seen this internal process and struggle and is launching a new feature in early September that should help all of us determine whether our ads are award-winning or falling flat of a nomination. Introducing... the "Ad Strength Indicator."

How does it work?

The ad strength indicator will be a new column you will begin to see when creating responsive search ads! Essentially, Google will analyze the variety in headlines and descriptions you have provided and guide you on things to improve for your responsive search ads! The new feature will even offer suggestions for new headline ideas or ways to make your headlines unique and stand out! After all of your headlines and descriptions have been analyzed, Google will actually yell you the strength of your ad. You will likely see a rating of "good" or "needs improvement" until you take the recommendations and add them into your campaign.

What does this mean for me?

So, I know what you're thinking, what does this mean for me? For you, the advertiser, this new tool will help you ensure that your Google Ads are top tier and will ensure that your ads perform well so that you will secure even more online leads! Google is also taking into account the overall experience for searchers so that their experience will go more smoothly when searching for what they need.  Talk about a win, win for you and the end user!

What's next for responsive?

Along with "ad strength indicator," Google is also bringing responsive reporting to its new platform. You will now be able to view which ad combinations are performing the best, tweaking or trashing those that do not perform well at all. Overall, Google is making strides in doing its best to ensure that all marketers have a great experience with their responsive search ads! Personally, I cannot wait to see what new features will be rolled out in Q4 later this year!