Pathways to Life Inc. Project by Red Shark Digital

When Pathways to Life came to us in need of a brand and marketing refresh, we were eager to get started. We always recommend revisiting a brand and web presence at the foundational level every 3-5 years, and Pathways to Life fell right in the middle of that timeline. With the pandemic impacting businesses more and more each day, their site was becoming increasingly important on the list of priorities as the company needed to educate clients on their Telehealth and Virtual Care services.

On an 8-week timeline for the rebuild, we designed the new site to flow more easily by removing the conventional, structural designs. This Webflow website rebuild offered us ease of access to editing content rather than a separate WordPress dashboard like the previous site had. The timeline for branding was 4 weeks, allowing us to create a much more modern logo.

We are grateful to have had the opportunity to rebuild a site focused on helping others, and we hope that this new site will help Pathways to Life’s clients easily access the services they are in search of.