Red Shark Digital & Viamark Advertising Earn 2022 Vega Award for Local Event

Red Shark Digital | Award-Winning Advertising Agency Greenville NC

Another award in the books for the premier advertising agency Greenville NC, Red Shark Digital! In partnership with Viamark Advertising, we have received the 2022 Centauri Award in the digital marketing campaign category and the events sub-category for our social media campaign for the Onslow Veterans Pow Wow Event. The Vega Awards recognize and celebrate excellence in innovation, creativity, and projects that go beyond the common and set themselves apart. Each year, Vega accepts digital works, which include advertising, design, interactive content, mobile apps, web design, and audiovisual productions. Red Shark Digital and Viamark Advertising are proud to be among the greats with our advertising event campaign for Onslow Veterans Pow Wow!

Social Media Event Advertising

The Onslow Veterans Pow Wow has been a longstanding community event in Jacksonville, NC. After the effects of COVID-19 canceled the Onslow Veterans Pow Wow event in 2020, the organization was striving to come back better than ever after a two-year-long hiatus. As ticket sales were not substantial, Viamark Advertising was hired to create a digital event campaign to drive event responses, drive ticket sales, and increase traffic to their site.

Knowing that the day of the event was right around the corner, Red Shark Digital in connection with Viamark’s advertising team created different social media advertising strategies including general traffic and event response campaigns to immediately increase exposure to their social channels.

Analytics and Impact

With the event only 5 weeks away, Red Shark Digital and Viamark Advertising agency in NC worked diligently to curate creatives, campaign lines, and event messaging to boost performance immediately. Since the campaigns launched, traffic on the Onslow Veterans Pow Wow site increased 15,000% with over 2,000 event responses and over 400 new page likes attributed solely to Red Shark Digital and Viamark Advertising’s social campaigns.

The data and testimonials from the client support that the 2021 Onslow Veterans Pow Wow event was a huge success after the previous year’s event was canceled. Both Viamark and Red Shark Digital’s ability to strategize quickly and effectively made this event the most attended to date.

Red Shark Digital | Advertising Agency Greenville NC

Our digital marketing Greenville NC team could not be more proud of the work performed in collaboration with Viamark Advertising for the Onslow Veterans Pow Wow event. We can’t wait to see our future event campaigns for other institutions and its result. When searching for an advertising agency Greenville NC, Red Shark Digital is your number stop for everything digital-related.