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Red Shark Digital Launches Brand New Webflow Website

June 3, 2022
May 1, 2023

Red Shark Digital Launches Brand New Webflow Website

Abby Costello

Out with the old and in with the new. Red Shark Digital has launched a brand new site!

Our original site was launched in 2018, and 4 years later, it was time for a complete overhaul. The old site was nothing to be ashamed of. Not only was it an award-winner site, it also held an abundance of information, forms, blogs, and memories, but as a digital marketing agency that specializes in website design and development, there was no excuse not to make it bigger and better than before. After all, that is our motto: "Be Better."

We switched platforms from WordPress to Webflow. Webflow has many advantages - there are no plugins and no pesky version updates, it is way easier to manage and update for the entire team, it's more secure, and it now lives on AWS servers, which have a 99.9% uptime. Making this switch was a no-brainer since we have become a primarily Webflow-building agency and are a big fan of Webflow CMS.

The new site features large scrolling text animations to section the content on the Home page. Each of our service offerings have their own section with designated testimonials from pleased clients. As you scroll further down the Home page, you will find our client logo quilt displaying businesses from a variety of industries. Finishing out the Home page is our News section with blogs of all kinds - how-tos, tips, video tutorials, and more.

There is a full-page interactive menu with two-stage interaction animations, where you can find anything and everything you may be looking for on our site.

We leaned heavily on text as a design element, utilizing the outlined text across the site and updating our font. We also updated our color palette from red, black, and white to a more expansive palette that includes navy and gray shades as well as animated gradients.

The forms on our new site are integrated with HubSpot, allowing us to have a marketing automation full-funnel approach with our site's marketing efforts.

Our new site features large image galleries to showcase our work, an updated news and tactic library using Webflow CMS, internal news pages with sidebar news navigation, a video library, tons of client testimonials, and overall, a totally refined user experience.

To say we are proud (and super excited) about our new site would be an understatement. CSS Design Awards have already been won for this brand new site.

Be sure to click around and explore all the unique new features!

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