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An Important COVID-19 Update from Our CEO

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

An Important COVID-19 Update from Our CEO

Chris Rupp

To our valued Clients, Partners, and Colleagues,

We recognize that these are extraordinary times for us all, filled with a high degree of uncertainty. In light of this, I wanted to reach out to you with updates from our team alongside recommendations and actions that can be taken to mitigate overall disruption. Our leadership team has been closely monitoring the ongoing outbreak of the COVID-19 virus and guidance issued by government and health authorities. We have initiated our Business Continuity plan that will allow us to continue business as usual, utilizing remote and virtual services.

Updates and Recommendations

While our offices may have limited access to protect our clients and employees, our team is committed to remaining accessible via phone, email, and video conferencing to keep your business online. Below is a list of important updates and recommendations:

  • All of our operations and services, while performed remotely, will remain active and unchanged to our entire client base. Any services you have with our agency ranging from website hosting, development, or creative projects to marketing campaigns will be unaffected in any capacity.
  • Our website hosting data centers have implemented precautionary measures, including a Virtual Command Center. Additionally, in the event of an outbreak occurring in any of the facilities, their Pandemic Response Plan is on stand-by. It includes ensuring regular digital communication with our internal web team and activating minimum on-site staffing while still ensuring security and services remain online 24/7/365.

At this time, RSD does not anticipate any downtime for any of our hosting clients.

  • Now more than ever, it is important to capitalize on your e-commerce capabilities and position it with your customer base. There are a number of ways our team can assist with optimizing your existing frameworks to better serve your customers virtually or through limited means of human interaction. We all have concerns over our businesses’ health moving forward during these unprecedented times ahead and it is critical to be doubling down on your web and digital capabilities to persevere.
  • Communicating with your customer base is more important than ever.
  • Work with your Account Manager to update your marketing message and strategy to reflect empathy, how your business service/product can help, and your e-commerce or virtual capabilities available.
  • Update your Google My Business
  • Create an update post
  • Manage your general information
  • Change your business hours
  • Click here to learn more about updating business information with Google or contact us
  • Form a ‘task force’ for your organization that only allows specifically appointed people to communicate about your company’s situation or status. It is important to agree internally about what will be communicated before any announcements are made to assure that messaging will be consistent across different audiences and platforms.
  • We know that your website is a critical tool for remaining a viable business during these times and communicating effectively to customers and employees. Our team is standing by to assist with any development, design, content, or other maintenance requests. We will prioritize these requests to be completed as expeditiously as possible.

At Red Shark Digital, our high level of support, and ensuring your business is supported at all times, is of the utmost importance to us alongside the health and safety of our team. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your Account Manager. Contact Red Shark Digital to set up a phone call or virtual meeting. If anything changes or we have more updates to share, I will make sure that it is communicated effectively.


Chris Rupp

Founder & CEO

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