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How do I create a SEO report in Excel?

To create a SEO report in Excel, you'll need to first install the SEO Tools for Excel add-in. Once installed, you can access the SEO Tools by clicking the SEO Tools tab in the Excel ribbon.

To create a new SEO report, click the New Report button in the SEO Tools tab. In the New Report dialog box, you can choose to create a report for an entire website or for a specific page.

Once you've selected the type of report you want to create, you'll need to enter the URL of the website or page you want to generate the report for. You can also specify the search engine you want to use for the report.

After you've entered the URL and selected the search engine, you can choose which metrics you want to include in the report. The available metrics will vary depending on the search engine you've selected.

Once you've selected the metrics you want to include, click the Generate Report button. Excel will generate the report and display it in a new worksheet.

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