Red Shark Digital Earns Gold for Local Restaurant Branding

May 12, 2022
May 1, 2023

Red Shark Digital Earns Gold for Local Restaurant Branding

Erin Porter

Red Shark Digital has won our first marketing award! We received the LIT Talent Marketing Gold award in the marketing/advertising campaigns category for our social media campaign with Seared Chophouse, Greenville NC’s first and only chophouse restaurant. The LIT awards recognize a wide variety of creative productions and marketing campaigns for their originality, uniqueness, and exceptional campaign reach. Each year, the LIT Awards receive thousands of competitive entries across entry categories from all over the world. We are so proud to be among the greats with our restaurant branding for Seared Chophouse!

Marketing and Advertising

Red Shark Digital performed a full restaurant branding marketing/advertising campaign surrounding Greenville’s one-of-a-kind dining establishment, Seared Chophouse. Between our creative and marketing teams, we worked to create restaurant branding that encapsulated the local feel of Seared Chophouse while promoting the uniqueness of Seared’s atmosphere through strategic social media management tactics. To promote their grand opening, we first created a “Night of Fine Dining” video giveaway across all social channels, offering a $100 gift card to three winners. Our marketing team utilized boosting strategy to promote the posts and spread the word.

Next, our creative team developed countdown videos using specific seasonings featured on the menu to instill urgency and build hype around Seared Chophouses’ opening night. Our restaurant branding agency was simultaneously running a page likes campaign and pushing general traffic back to their website. As we tracked an increase in traffic to the site, we initiated a social retargeting campaign that utilized carousels and GIFs to promote unique menu items and craft specialty cocktails served during dinner and Sunday brunch.

As Seared Chophouse grew in popularity, the establishment extended its menu, adding lunch hours and a special menu. Our restaurant branding agency encouraged customers to use a Snapchat filter to share their stories through QR code table tents placed on each dining table to promote the daily lunch menu.

Creative Services

Since working with Seared Chophouse, our creative services Greenville NC team has created a series of videos for specific services, offers, and partnerships. Most notably Seared’s partnership with Edward Teach Brewery served on draft exclusively at Seared Chophouse. Other creative service tactics include:

  • adding Sunday brunch and daily lunch menu
  • digital waitlist option on the website

The videos and creative services worked to boost engagement and helped establish a strong social presence to support Seared’s restaurant branding.

Analytics and Impact

Since the launch of the website in January of 2021, 45,000 total sessions have been delivered, with social accounting for 62 percent of all site traffic. After Seared Chophouses’ opening in February of 2021, their following has increased to 3,525 on Facebook and 1,050 on Instagram. Reaching over 80,000 people, their social campaigns have delivered over 700,000 impressions with almost 32,000 clicks, resulting in an extremely impressive 4.57 percent click-through rate.

Red Shark Digital | Restaurant Branding Agency

We could not be more proud of our digital marketing Greenville NC team for their first award! We can’t wait to see the growth of future restaurant branding projects. If you are searching for a restaurant branding agency to support your restaurant to industry success, contact Red Shark Digital today.

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