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What is native vs display ads?

Google’s Display Network offers two types of ad units: text ads and image ads. Native ads are a third type of ad unit that can run on the Display Network.

Native ads are designed to blend in with the content on the page. They can appear as a recommendation, in-feed unit, or sponsored post.

Image ads are still effective, but they can be intrusive and interrupt the user’s experience. Native ads are less intrusive since they match the look and feel of the site they’re on.

Text ads are the least intrusive of the three, but they can be easy to ignore. Native ads are more likely to be noticed since they’re not surrounded by other ads.

Native ads can be more effective than text or image ads, but they need to be relevant to the user and the page they’re on. If you’re running a native ad on a page about cats, make sure your ad is about cats.

If you’re not sure which type of ad is right for you, try testing all three. Native ads can be a great way to improve your results on the Display Network.

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