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What are the 7 factors of UX?

There are seven factors of UX, which are important to consider when designating a user experience for customers or employees:

1. Screen Size and Resolution: The size of the screen will affect how much content can be displayed at one time, and how easy it is for users to scroll and interact with your site or app.

2. Fonts and Typefaces: The typefaces you use should be easy to read on all screen sizes, and should complement the overall aesthetic of your design.

3. Colors: The colors you use in your design should be easy on the eyes and create an overall pleasing aesthetic.

4. Images: The images you use should be high-quality and add to the overall user experience.

5. Navigation: The navigation of your site or app should be easy to understand and use.

6. Content: The content on your site or app should be well-written and relevant to your users.

7. Interactivity: The interactivity of your design should be engaging and add to the overall user experience.

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