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Are you a good fit for us?
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First Meeting
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Hello, we’re Red Shark Digital. Ok, your turn.

This meeting allows us to learn what your marketing goals are. Where marketing fits in your business currently, and the potential our relationship has to grow beyond the reason you called us.
Proposal Presentation
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Each of our proposals are prepared in accordance to the objectives surfaced in the First Meeting.

Presenting our proposals with you allows our account managers to speak through our recommended tactics, estimated performance, project timelines, deliverables, budget totals, and next steps.

This meeting also serves as the perfect opportunity for you to ask any and all questions you have about the contents of our proposal.
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Given your decision to partner with the best digital marketing agency this side of the Mississippi.

You'll receive some paperwork to sign, invoices to pay, forms to fill out, meeting invitations to accept, and then…we are off to the races.

Your account manager will mobilize the team to begin preparing for discovery.
Discovery Intake
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Discovery is our process of identifying your goals, users, and identity. Through a facilitated workshop ranging from 2-5 hours depending on the level of campaign or project.

With these 3 areas defined thoroughly, we work to align the 3 into a detailed, streamlined, and strategic marketing roadmap.
Strategy Presentation
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After discovery, typically over a 2 week period our team works on a detailed marketing roadmap based on the information found in discovery.

Once complete, our marketing director, accompanied by your account manager present their findings and next steps.
Campaign Deployment
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Each of our campaigns start on either the 1st or 15th of the month.

Based on the findings of discovery and the roadmap presented our team will begin setting up the campaigns needed to satisfy your objectives. This process includes setting up accounts within the various digital marketing publishers, establishing targeting and audience parameters, designing creatives to be sent for approval, and establishing budgets and flight dates.
Woodplay of the Carolinas
Woodplay of the Carolinas
Positions secured in GBP
CTR in Google Ads
Since campaign launch, we have seen Woodplay of the Carolina's digital advertising excel in their target markets. Month after month, their CTR improves while bringing in more leads for the business.
Alaina Corsini
Marketing director
Complete Pet Care Animal Hospital
Complete Pet Care
increase in organic keywords ranking
Increase in organic traffic
We have seen Complete Pet Care's digital presence increase tremendously within its competitive market. Through strategic SEO best practices, we have maintained and increased positions for ranking keywords, directly attributing to their increase in organic traffic.
Taylor O'Connell
senior account strategist
Woodland Group Home Page
The Woodland Group
Increase in conversions
Increase in paid traffic
Through collaboration, we have seen The Woodland Group execute a full funnel approach to each land sale, achieving unmatched results. Each campaign continues to provide consistent increases in traffic, a decrease in lead acquisition, and an increase in overall conversions allowing their sales reps to regularly sell through all available lots.
Salvatore Amato
Account manager

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Multi-Industry digital agency serving clients large and small.

Pugh's Tire & Service Centers
Pughs Tire & service Center
Marketing a multi-location tire and service station small-business
Social Media
Paid Advertising
Webflow Developement
Angus Grill
Angus Grill
Production & marketing for this multi-location burger restaurant
Social Media
Webflow Developement
Peak Physical Therapy
Peak Physical Therapy
Industry busting SEO performance in specialized medical care
Webflow SEO
Webflow Developement
Nu-Pipe US
Speciality services contractor marketing website overhaul
Webflow Developement

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