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What to update when rebranding?

When you're planning a rebrand, there are a lot of moving parts. Here are some key things to update to make sure your rebrand is successful.

1. Your website. This is obviously the most important thing to update in your rebrand. Make sure your website reflects your new branding, from the colors to the logo to the overall look and feel.

2. Your social media accounts. Your social media channels are likely one of the first places people will see your new branding, so make sure they're updated with your new logo, colors, and messaging.

3. Your marketing collateral. Any printed materials you have, such as business cards, flyers, or brochures, should be updated with your new branding.

4. Your email signature. Don't forget to update your email signature with your new logo and branding!

5. Your blog. If you have a blog, make sure your new branding is reflected there as well. This includes your blog's design, logo, and social media sharing images.

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